CS: Source Custom Sounds

A custom sound pack for CS: Source.


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A custom sound pack for CS: Source.

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Download 'custom_sounds.rar' (6.12MB)

Author: Trojanman190	
Email: Trojanman190@gmail.com

Trojanman190's The Sounds of War

Unzip to your Valve\Steam\SteamApps\your email\counter-strike source  folder.
Start the game an have fun.

Almost all weapons except pistols and sniper rifles have been modified.
The weapon sounds enclosed in this pack are sounds that have been modified from the 
originals in two directions; either the sounds are more aggressive, or they are more 
realistic.  In most cases, this is both.  All enclosed sounds have been made louder 
for a more engaging experience.

Primary inspiration for this mod comes from Ravenshield.

If these things blow up your computer or your steam folder then you are an idiot.
Its that simple.  =)

You can distibute these sounds all you want but just make sure I get the credit for them.
I did not simply rip them from other games; I did all the editing myself.

Have fun and rock on.

Future Stuff:
Maybe add some sniper rifle sounds if i feel like it.
I most definitely will get rid of the cruddy death and head shot "cracking" sound. Those just suck.
I already have made two complete player skins but for some reason hl2files wont post one of them.
Hopefully they will post the other.


Compiler : hl2freak2
email : iancwm@msn.com

Copy the whole folder into :
C:\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\counter-strike source\cstrike
Replacing username with YOUR username of course.

Well, lets just say i downloaded alotta sound packs. this is my compilation. i take no credit for the  sounds, 
only renaming some and compiling them into a single package. real credits go out to those who actually took time and
effort to edit sounds, record them, and compiling other games' sounds. Mods i have "ripped off" the sounds from :
"cs_s_es_mod" "whiteshadows_source_sound_mod" "founders_soundpack_source" "Half Life 2" and a sound pack whose name i forgot sry abt that!
^^. all the readme's that are left on my com are here. sorry i deleted one or two readmes for easier access to sound folders.

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