CS: Source De Changes Map



This is a map designed to help eliminate the advantage any particular team has on a map. No matter how hard mappers try, there is almost always an advantage for one team or the other. Some maps are extremely biased, others are close. This is an attempt at eliminating that issue, while adding some fun and interesting elements. The primary element is that the map CHANGES from round to round. Originally introduced in CS_HAVANA, the changes system prevents the A-typical rush A, rush A, rush A repetitiveness of Dust.



A recent Political Rally did not goes as planned.
The Terrorists have been hired to "teach him a lesson" that he'll never forget.
He's spending large sums of money he recieved from the "higher bidder" that will have to be dealt with later.

The plan was to get in, and destroy one of his more sizable investments.
As you arrive at the site, you discover your plans and intelligence is a little out of date.
You must destroy the Statue in the Garden (B)
Or destroy his remodelled Living Quarters.

A contingency plan targets the grave of his eldest grandfather, or the fountain.

CT's have just recieved a tip from their double agent.
He gave the Terrorists out-dated information to buy them time to secure the area.

This map changes at the beginning of each round.
Hence it's name.
Each team has different advantages and disadvantages, as well as set-backs if you choose a bad route.
Find a problem spot, deal with it, find another route, or die trying.

Thanks to the |eN| Clan for helping "punish" this map.
Created by: MasterW3

in the future you may see continuations of this storyline.
and further versions which may be variants by other people.
(this is an Open-Source Map)

For a full page of info and screenshots:

Known Issues:
Skybox, ugly, needs full 3d skybox, and skybox optimization.
a few optimizations, the skybox will be the main optimization, improving the maps speed immensly.
water makes some unneccessary splashing.. and can be heard too easily.
some rounds the sounds can't be heard.

these will be addressed in de_changes_1a , in the meantime, punish the map a few, and tell me your thoughts.

extract to cstrike folder..

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