CS: Source DE Complexo Map



In a big city in Brazil, a huge complex of facilities for business with hotels, shopping centeres, bus-station, etc is under construction.

The completion of this mega-project requires the removal of a big "favela" (area ilegally occupied by poor people). However, the drug dealers that control the "favela" are not happy with the situation, and intend to sabotage the complex buildings under construction.

Counter-Terrorists --> Prevent the terrorist from bombing the buildings!! Terrorists --> Plant the C4 in either sites A or B for maximal damage!!



This is a counter-strike source map.

Extract the files de_complexo.bsp, de_complexo.nav and de_complexo.txt to the folder SteamSteamApps<username>counter-strike sourcecstrikemaps

Note: when testing this map with bots, please consider that the nav file is not optimized, this is the main reason you may get a poor performance (low fps), not the map itself.

What I mean is please dont missjudge the playability and performance of this map based on the a test with bots. I know the map seems too open for good performance but according to my tests it  has reasonable playability. Thank you.

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