CS: Source DE_Menace Map

A really good looking map, worth a download and worth checking out!, have fun! :D


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A really good looking map, worth a download and worth checking out!, have fun! :D

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Download 'de_menace_final_screens.zip' (5.7MB)


-An Original CS:S Map by fronc-


Szenario: Don Grande hat zwei Waffenlager zur Verteidigung seines
Wohnsitzes, die "Villa Maria", angelegt. 
Er hat Angst vor den von ihm jahrelang unterdr├╝ckten und ausgebeuteten
Arbeitern seiner Hacienda. Diese planen einen Aufstand mit der Hilfe einer 
professionellen terroristischen Organisation. Don Grande wendet sich an die 
Regierungstruppen die ihre beste Spezialeinheit einsetzen um den Besitz des
angesehenen Gutsbesitzers zu verteidigen.

Background:  Don Grande has two weapon depots for the defense 
of its domicile, the "mansion Maria". He is afraid of the angry workers 
of his Hacienda who have been suppressed by him for many years.  
The workers are planing a rebellion in assistance of a professional 
terror organisation.  Don Grande contacts the government troops 
who are sending their best special forces to the defend the 
possession of the popular landowner Don Grande.

Terrorists: Revenge!!!
Destroy one of Don Grande's weapon depots to take over Don Grande's Hacienda

Prevent the terrorists bombing the Weapon supply camp of Don Grande's Hacienda

Have Fun! 

Copy the folder "maps" into your "counter-strike source\cstrike" folder.
e.g. c:\programme\Steam\SteamApps\yourname\counter-strike source\cstrike\ 
final improvements
- no entry to the roofs
- materials are zipped into the de_menace_final.bsp
- added more details to the enviroment of the map

v.03 improvements
- adding the correct cubemaps

v.01 improvements
- Install instruction
- all textures are now indicated
- 29/29 spawns


Special thanx to fragpoint for some nice textures
and the beta-testing team from pieschen-wolves
smoky, necro, lommy alias termite, defender, sabo and bulle,
and the whole iwent-crew.

This map is fronc's original work, please do not copy it, rip it, or modify it.

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