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What can I say, this map looks kind of sketchy. The screenshots are a bit dark. Plenty of models have been included. The radio has 1 magic...


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What can I say, this map looks kind of sketchy. The screenshots are a bit dark. Plenty of models have been included. The radio has 1 magic trick. If you go to it in-game, and press E, it wll play the Pimp My Ride theme tune!

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Download 'de_pimpmyride.zip' (4.58MB)

/-/-/-/ De_PimpMyRide \-\-\-\

1. Install
2. Map Features
4. Bots
5. Credits
6. Help/Contact

1. Install
To install this map and make it playable to you, copy the /cstrike/ folder contained with this readme to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\counter-strke source\

All the files and folders will go into there correct places.

If you are using this on a server, you NEED the .RES file in /cstrike/maps/ in the servers /cstrike/maps/ folder.

2. Map Features
For a list of map features, and a pictured-tour, visit the website (see below)

3. Bots
Sorry, bots do not work on de_pimpmyride. (they do not move from the spawns)

For advanced users, there is a way (I think) to get them working on de_pimpmyride. You can edit the .NAV file (created when adding a bot)
and configure it so they can walk on de_pimpmyride.
Sorry, but I do not know how to do this. If anyone is able to create a .NAV file for this map, please send it to me (see below for contact info)

4. Credits
I've have used alot of other peoples work, and they deserve alot of credit!
The hummers were created by someone (not sure who), thanks for letting me use these.
Thanks to the guys at http://www.valve-erc.com, the Valve Forums. They helped me out with some problems.
Also, thanks to http://www.hl2world.com who also helped me out. Some guys there who had created some models,
allowing me to use them in this map. Thanks alot guys!
Credit for Daemon and ner0 for creating/editing some of the images on the walls and such.
My mate David for creating an image of my name. Nice one!

5. Help/Contact
If you need any help at all installing/using this map, or if you would like to contact me, you can do so via the following ways:

- MSN Messenger: Rhys@talk-central.co.uk
- Email: Rhys@talk-central.co.uk
- IRC: irc.talk-central.co.uk -j #Rhys-CSSMaps
/server irc.talk-central.co.uk -j #Rhys-CSSMaps      (mIRC Users)
- XFire: 0xrhysx0

NOTE: The 2 advertisement banners are damn blury around the map. They are supporting Talk Central and Talk Central Radio (TCRadio)


Thank you for downloading my map.

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