CS Source: DE Torn HT Beta 2



Hubbell Tyson, admin of the Cows With Guns Clan (link in 3rd party link list), has been working hard and well on a remake of de_torn for Source. The original version was made by Madcross and Crinity for CS 1.3. Hubble explains "I'm not going to try porting it, I've started building it from scratch, so it's going to take a while!"

From my personal playing this is a terrific remake that gives the sense of classic Counter-Strike v1.x mapping and gameplay. This map also includes a terrific AI NAV files for blasting offline action.

I highly reccomend this (beta 2) and highly look forward to the final version which is planned to add atmospheric sounds, more debris and decals, and Fix any issues reported in beta 2 (to report an error use the 3rd Party Links to email bug trackings). Hopefully HDR shall be implemented :D



Read Me:

" This is a map I made for CSS, which is loosely
based on the CS 1.3 classic "de_torn" by Crinity.

Latest Version: de_torn_ht_beta2
Author: cWg | Hubbell Tyson (www.cowswithguns.co.uk)
Build Time: Approx 60 hours over a period of 3 weeks.
Compile Time: Just under 5mins.
File Size: 5MB total, unzipped.
Spawns: 40 total (20 per side).
Nav file is included in the zip, and has area names which appear on your HUD.

Tasks to complete before final version:
- Add more atmospheric sounds.
- Add some more debris and decals to further improve the maps look and feel.
- Fix any issues reported in beta2."

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