CS Source: DE Velvet East XII



An older map originally released June 18 2005, DE Velvet East is a well created map that I could not find mentioned within HL2 Files. Therefore I thought it deserved to be exposed :)

DE Velvet East offers many doors, hallways, outdoor passages, and 2 bomb sites.

This release contains ingame overview, custom Textures, custom Sounds, and the bot File (.nav).

It is a very enjoyable map, even with bots :) Lighting is very well done and the map layout carries a nice sense of tactical gameplay.



          V E L V E T  E A S T  X I I

release date: June 18 2005, Stockholm, Sweden
Counter-Strike - Source, bomb defusion.

title:			Velvet East XII
file:			de_velvet_east.bsp
author:			Jochum Skoglund
email address:		[email protected]
URL:			http://www.zfight.com
description:		Urban/industrial, mostly CQB.

play information

spawns:			16x2.
bombs:			2
ingame overview		Yes
custom Textures:	Yes
custom Sounds:		Yes
bot File (.nav):	yes

main editor:		Valve Hammer Editor.
other progs:		Photoshop 9, notepad, pakrat,
			entspy, goldwave, sndrec32.
know bugs:		Bot problems has to do with
			bad botcode, not my map.
			Don't know any other bugs
			that there might be.
build time:		June 1 - June 18.
version:		second final release, changed
			player spawns from 8x2 to
			16x2 on a massive request for
			more player spawns.
			(hey, didn't know this map
			was going to get that much
			of attention really)	


This version, second final, ships with a .nav
made by Coconut, its MUCH better then the one
I just drafted for the map, bot still has
problems with doors, but that is a turtlerock
problem. Coconut has a page here:

Thanks for any help, mainly at VERC-Forums.

The bricktexture found on the floor on areas like,
&quot;The Passage&quot; (see overview), is a © Ydnar. He is a
Q3 mapper and developer of the incredibly good Q3map2.
His site can be found at http://www.shaderlab.com

Thanks Bredbandsbolaget, you cut my internet in two
months cause of a phone problem, nice going fruitcakes.
Anyway, thanks to that, I started learing Source, if
not, I probably would have stayed Q3E. The problem
with no internet is that you need to learn by mistake.
Never more BBB.


© 2005 Jochum Skoglund aka. Hipshot


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