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A new version has been released by Spaic, the Changelog can be viewed below. In this version, some sound problems has been fixed. And Allot...


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A new version has been released by Spaic, the Changelog can be viewed below. In this version, some sound problems has been fixed. And Allot of small updates for weapon sounds has been added. Including removing some custom sounds. Plus some nice Misc sounds has been added with this pack. A must download!, Have fun!

Version 1.18.3 Changelog:

The sounds :

Some sound problems fixed

Small updates for the weapons sounds:

-AK47- shot sound -AUG - shot sound -AWP - 3X shot sounds -Desert Eagle - shot sound -Dual Beretta 96g - shot sound -FAMAS - shot sound -Fiveseven - shot sound -FN 249 - shot sound -M3 Super90 - shot sound -M4A1 - shot sound -MAC 10 - shot sound -MP5 - shot sound -SG 552 - shot sound -UMP.45 SD - shot sound -USP.45 - shot sound -XM1014 - shot sound -Galil - shot sound -G3SG1 - shot sound -Glock - shot sound -P90 - shot sound -P228- shot sound

Removed custom sounds for custom models :

-M4A1 -USP.45 -SG552

Updated custom sounds for custom models :

-M4A1 - Bolt catch + 2 extra (3 in total) <--- (v1.1) (Removed) -SG 552 - clip in (Removed)

TMP - shot sound

New misc sounds for :

-Bullet impact glass - extra 2 (12 in total) -Bullet impact silde metal with ricochet - (10 in total) -Bullet impact cardboard box - all new + 10 extra (15 in total) -Bullet impact soda can - all new + 12 extra (15 in total) -Bullet impact Helmet - all new (12 in total) <-- (v1.3) -Bullet impact flesh - all new (32 in total) "(no screaming version)" <--- optional variant -Body fall -soft- all new (7 in total) -Body fall -hard- all new (3 in total) -Metal box fall/impact -soft- all new (3 in total) -Metal box fall/impact -hard- all new (3 in total) -Message sound - new -Small glass falling down - all new + 6 extra (9 in total) -C4 bomb button click - all new + 6 extra (7 in total) -Player drowning - all new (6 in total) -Game ready - new -Updated misc sounds for : -Bullet impact glass - 1 -C4 bomb beep -C4 bomb button click -Flashlight on & off<-- (v1.2) -Headshot - #2 -Bullet impact drywall - all<-- (v1.1) -Kevlar vest impact ( Bullet Hit) - all<-- (v1.1)

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Download 'enhancedsoundsmod.rar' (52.59MB)

                                                                     **Enhanced Sounds MOD**  v1.18.3

                                                                                The short story:

The defualt sounds for Counter-Strike:Source Sucks Sucks and Sucks and Low quality so i decidet to replace them and make some new high quality sounds.

This version includes all of the previous
versions before it [v0.30b \ v0.43b \ v1.08.5 \ v1.14.1]

Very important please read it, [ and please try to understand what you are reading !]

New in this version :

I included some custom sounds for custom weapons models in this version,nothing new about the sounds only specially synchronized for the custom models.

*There is no custom weapons models in my MOD only custom sounds for the custom weapons models,you will need to download them*
*All of the custom weapons models are the property of the original creators of the models*

Note about weapons :

My mod`s weapons sounds are intended only for the default weapons models not for custom weapons models, but it will work with custom weapons models, but the sounds not gonna be synchronized with the animation.

Last minute changes: i removed some custom weapons models sound\links !. Because of valveā€™s last update the world models for the custom weapons are screwed now !.

Pre-installation instructions:

It is highly recommended to first uninstall any mod(s),sound packs !, including previous version of my mod (if you have it). Don`t install my mod with another mod (don't mix things up), only mix things up if you know what you are doing :) .

Installation instructions:

Install in to your counter-strike source directory. 


...\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR NAME\counter-strike source\

*Tactical advantage of my MOD*

*You have a tactical advantage over the people that don`t have my mod installed,

*1.You hear screams from your enemies and friends when they get hit by bullets and frag grenades, and you know how far or how close they are to your position.

*2.When you think your enemy is behind cover door/wall/and stuff but you don`t see him, and you don`t really want to go in and see him and die right, shoot through the doors/walls and if it screams you have yourself an enemy, but shoot him good, or he will try to poison you with bullets :).

*3 If you want to check if somebody is in a small room, throw a frag grenade in to the small room and listen !!!, if something screams or you hear helmet impact sound than somebody is there waiting for you, but check your radar first you don`t want to throw a frag in to your friend :).


1)   Question: i don`t know where is this &quot; ...\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR NAME\counter-strike source\ &quot; or what it is !?
2)   Answer: this is the default installation directory of counter-strike source. Example: C:\Program files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR NAME\counter-strike source\

3)   Question: &quot;Tactical advantage&quot; is this for real !?!
4)   Answer: NO. I just want you to read this big readme file :-)

5)   Question: i am confused is this a sound pack or is this a MOD !?
6)   Answer: it is a sound MOD  :-)

7)   Question: what if i gat some custom weapons models with their own sounds, is there any option not to install your weapons sounds at all !?! 
8)   Answer: yes in this version you gat an option not to install any weapons sounds at all or install only the weapons sounds that you need or want

9)   Question: the screaming sounds starting to annoy me,is there something that can be done about them ?
10)  Answer: in this version you can pick a *no screaming* variant !,but you will lose about 95% to 100% of the tactical advantage !!.

11)  Question: what is the bit rate (quality) of the sounds in your sound MOD  ?!
12)  Answer: Stereo, 44100 Hz, 16 bit

13)  Question: can you put in to your next version some more custom sounds for custom weapons like,colt 1911/kimber/Ruger/or any other weapon that are not a standard weapon in counter-strike:source ?!
14)  Answer: i can !, but i don`t want to, it will be a pointless waste of me time,because there are so many custom weapons models out there that gat their own sounds whit the custom models,i will only put in to my MOD standard counter-strike:source (better) weapons models that i like...

15)  Question: how do i uninstall this MOD !?
16)  Answer: the uninstaller is in your counter-strike source folder, note: the uninstaller will remove the .wav (sounds) files only but it will not remove the folders !


Tools and stuff

Good (freeware) tool for audio editing:

Audacity v1.2.4 and v1.3 beta  <---  supports VST plug-in


Very good (freeware\demo\and more) VST plugins website


Sound Design Resource



 Note #1 : if you want to use my sounds in your sound pack you need   
 to ask me for my permission to do so first !!.

 Note #2 : if you want to use my sounds in your MOD/Project contact 
 me first for permission, see the readme.rtf file for info.

Author : Spaic 
Email : samvarlock@yahoo.com

Special thanks to:
&quot;Dark Avenger&quot; for testing some of my new sounds, thank you for all of your time and 
 thank you for your comments and suggestions on my new sounds, thanks..

And a very special thanks to sean for the extra help in testing out the mod,
thank you for all the help sean !.

*Credits for the original sounds* 




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