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This is a great Model / Sound Pack for Counter Strike: Source, it changes (as far as i can tell) all ingame weapon models, it also changes s...


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This is a great Model / Sound Pack for Counter Strike: Source, it changes (as far as i can tell) all ingame weapon models, it also changes some sounds and other misc things like the hud and menu etc. This is a great Pack, definately worth a download. (all credits can be viewed below)

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Download 'css_extremenation.rar' (52.73MB)

Hi all!

this is a pack for css that includes skins for every weapons in the game..alot of sounds changed and hud and also the menu and all that kind of shit!

Evrything in the pack is custom made skins made by other ppl...very much thx for them making these very good skins..

the knife was made by 

PHP's HK5699 Knife
Model - Paris Hilton's Penis
Compile - Mullet
Skins and reflects - DarkElfa
The hands

skin by Pulp
The usp


The glock

Base Glock 19 -
Model: Bullet_Head
Skin: done2death & stoke
Compile - 
the p228

Model: Schmung
- Stoke (P226)
- PenguinWithM4A1 (P226)
- Pr0d!gy (Houge Grip)
Skin Edits: SureShot 
Reflection Maps: VertThrasher
Compile: VertThrasher
the Deagle

Model: Firegold
Skin: Wannabe
Anims: Valve
Arms: Valve
Compile: Andeh
W Model: Hawk
The Elites

the Five seven

Model: Schmung
Skin: Bots
Sound: Hk
Compile: HellSpike
The M3 shotgun

The Auto shotgun

The Tmp

Model: Zul
Skin: Bots (edited by HellSpike)
Sound: Hk
Compile: Me (HellSpike)
The Mac10

Model : DC
Skin : Sixshooter
Strap Model : Valve
Strap Texture : The_AiM
Arms : Valve
Anims : Valve
Some Editing : CSRU Team
Compile : Hawk
Convert to CS Source : Hawk
the Mp5

Model : Short_Fuse
Mesh : Short_Fuse
Skin : Creeping_Jesus
Original Compile : Bullet_Head
Compile : Hawk
Convert to CS Source : Hawk
The ump

Base UMP -
 Model: Outlaw Skin: 
Compile -
the P90

The Galil

Reskin: Fivenine Model:
 Darkstorn Skin:
 Chimp/Yamantaka Animations:
 Jenniffer!! Compile:
 Monkeh (texture converting,
 reflection maps: Hawk)
The Famas

Snap, Spitz, Valve Software, Peril, Hawk
ThE AK47

The M4

The Aug

The sig552

Model : Snark 
Skin : Wannabe, 4130, De@dMe@t a.k.a DMz, -x-, (some edited by Snark and Weine) 
Original Compile/Hack : Weine 
Arms : Valve 
Anims : Valve 
Lens : Valve 
Front Lens : Stoke 
Compile : Hawk 
Convert to CS Source : Hawk
The Sig550

the G3sg1

The Scout

original scout model & skin is by bullit
scope model by endorphin
scope skin by sixshooter
hacked by DMZ AKA DeadMeat
Lonewolf -Skinned something i think
FatKid46 - Converting, Simple recoloring
The Awp

Made by Enin...
The M249




The C4

Model: Def_one
Skin: Thanez
Animations: Def_one
- Sober: Ported to CSS
Sounds: Raynor-
CSS Compile (v/w): Sober

the scope

=|MAD|= Logic

hud and menu

made by me (snooker_X)

Muzzle flash


New blood:

made by Danky!

The sounds:

CTwin,Terror win and bombplanted and fire in the hole and the VIP sounds converted by Snooker_X
Radio made by [00] clan..thx to them!
Weapon sounds: WS design sound pack..some of the weapon sound are from there..thx alot to them...
and some other weapon sound made by ???...

thx for everyone making those nice sounds and all the nice skins!!

how to install:

program/steam/steamapps/your email/counter strike source/cstrike

put all the files in that map!

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