CS: Source Fusion Pack V1.0

fusion_pack_source_v1.0.zip —


Games Fusion's highly successful replacement pack for Counter-Strike returns with another promising addition, this time for Valve Software's recently released title, Counter-Strike: Source. Fusion Pack: Source is the first fully featured replacement pack to be released by Games Fusion and incorporates many new additions to Counter-Strike: Source, including weapon models, player models, sound effects and interface graphics. Games Fusion’s Fusion Pack for Counter-Strike 1.5 & 1.6 was one of the most highly received and downloaded replacement packs of all time. It received many recommendations, including those from world-wide gaming magazines and recognized sites. With Fusion Pack: Source we hope to achieve the same goal by providing a completely fresh and exciting experience to fans of the Counter-Strike genre.

Update: Fusion Pack Source is no longer distributed by Games Fusion but is now being distributed by Hardware Fusion. Games Fusion no longer plays a role in the development of Fusion Pack for CS or CS: Source.

The installation password for this pack is fpsource349.



Fusion Pack: Source v1.0 Features: 

Added new console background. 
Added new HUD text and colors. 
Added new Counter-Terrorist Player Model. 
Added new Terrorist Player Model. 
Added new Weapon Sounds. 
Added new Player Sounds. 
Added new Radio Sounds. 
Added new Item and Misc Sounds. 
Added new Knife model. 
Added new Desert Eagle Pistol Model. 
Added new Berreta Elites Model. 
Added new Fiveseven Pistol Model. 
Added new Glock Pistol Model. 
Added new P228 Pistol Model. 
Added new USP45 Pistol Model. 
Added new AK47 Rifle Model. 
Added new FAMAS Rifle Model. 
Added new M4A1 Rifle Model. 
Added new SG552 Rifle Model. 
Added new M3 Shotgun Model. 
Added new XM1014 Shotgun Model. 
Added new Mac10 SMG Model. 
Added new MP5 SMG Model. 
Added new P90 SMG Model. 
Added new AWM Rifle Model. 
Added new Dust and Dust 2 Sand Texture. 
Added realistic weapon names.

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