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A map that takes place in the matrix hall


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A map that takes place in the matrix hall

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Download 'fy_matrix_beta.rar' (227KB)

Mapname: Fy_Matrix_Beta

Maker: y0da

E-Mail: Oli_bachmann75@hotmail.com

The Changes:

-A hole new more Tetxure that makes the
map look better!
-The Map now has more lights! Looks better, is better:D
-Made the Map a bit bigger so you can't rush that easy!

So another version :D

Well i think i'm very happy with this version it realy made the make look better and that makes us all Happy :D

If you have any suggestions please E-Mail me i would be happy :D

Greatings "your not so good in English but still ok" y0da

Old Changes:

Mapname: Matrix_Beta

The Changes:

-Fixed Glass to shatter!
-Made the Terrorist Spawn more fair!
-Made The Walls know breaking like it the Matrix Film!

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