CS: Source FY Waterglass Map

A very nice and interesting map I think you will all like. :)


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A very nice and interesting map I think you will all like. :)

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Download 'fy_waterglass.rar' (3.09MB)

:: fy_WaterglasS ::

by NoTarget ' MS '

This map was build just for fun, but many people seemed to like it. So I got serious to get the map finnished.

How to install:

Just extract the fy_WaterglasS.bsp into the Steam\SteamApps\***username***\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps folder.

Map info:

The whole meaning with this map is just killing the other team :p
You will start in a small room with your teammates, and the enemy start in a other room.
To defeat your enemy you must jump down to the water too see them. You can choose two ways to get down,
you can 'climb' down the glass floors or you can break some part of the floor you are standing.....
Is not so much to say about this map, just give it a try, and give me feedback.

I wanna give some credits too the people who have helped me with the map.

Interlopers.net: Nice site for tutorials.
halflife2.net & collective.valve-erc.com forums: Nice posts that helped me on the way!

Report a bug:

If you see any bug or something who isn't right, please contact me on notarget@home.no

Do you have any question or suggestion about the map, please contact me on notarget@home.no


Have fun & enjoy my map!!!!

Greetings NoTarget ' MS '

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