CS: Source He Trip Map

Here is a really interesting looking map made by p@f. Great job!

Enjoy =)


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Here is a really interesting looking map made by p@f. Great job!

Enjoy =)

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Download 'he_trip.zip' (357KB)

Hop Guys !

Here a map for Counter-Strike Source mod, the first which I post on Internet 


Extract the he_trip.bsp and the he_trip.nav (for playing with bots) file into your Steam folder like this :
Steam/SteamApps/YourAccount/CounterStike Source/Cstrike/maps/


It's an He_map but you can use the basic weapons such as the "usp" and the "glock".
It is a new concept of He_map with two stages: a first stage which is divided into two parts,
for each team. Launch the grenades over the wall, indicated by the arrows,
to reach the other side and to touch the opposing team

The two teams reach on the second floor by stairs  

The second stage, it is the same thing, but you can break the panes.
This second stage is directed to 90 degrees of the first.

There are four holes, with the four corners of the map where pillars are

As the second stage is to 90 degree compared to the first,
take care to not launch your grenades on your teammates :) 


the screenshots which I took are for the halflife2.filefront.com website with
an aim of bringing the most descriptions to you for my map 

Author : PLAN "p@f" Ju
MSN : ju.plan@free.fr for any suggestion

Thank to my bro for his ideas and for testing, thanks to halflife2.filefront.com to host my map,
thank to Angel : AOJ

(FR)Shinra Corp.inc 2005 

ps: I'm sorry to degrade at this point the English language

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