CS: Source Highsociety Nav Points

cs_highsociety.nav.rar —


A small file that makes CSS's AI Bots more responsive.




The nav file is hand-edited and place painted.There were many bugs and lagging points in auto generated nav,which caused bots to respond properly and stucked bots at one place..Now bots are on Target.

To install:
Place the .nav file in the maps folder of condition zero(ofcourse u must have to cs_highsocity map first :))

Most Important note:
There is entity.txt along-with winrar..u just need to do is: download BSPEDITv1.4(www.csnavcentral.com)software then open cs_highsociety.bsp..Now just remove entity and copy the entity along-with Winrar and paste it in cs_highsocity..
because the hostages door in this map opens with Button,,and we all know condition zero bots dont use buttons..so i just removed the target..now door opens automatically..and now HOstages will also be leaded from Front side..(must download BSPEDITv1.4(www.csnavcentral.com)..and replace this entity.txt with original one..

url for map:

.nav file created by Shahzad{its me :)}

Target Scenario:
There are two hostages in this map, other two have already been killed by Terrorists:

CT's must rescue the remaining two hostages
T's prevent ct's to rescue hostages:
Map contents:
This map originally made by warbeast(www.warbeast.de).This map has High-calliber with Having music in Back-ground,it feels like we r just the part of Action and Suspense Movie. 

Rescue Zones:
There are two Rescue zones in this map .One from Front side and other from Backway.I have eliminated one Hostage zone,which was reachable from backway area..because there are two ladders in Underpass area,from one to jump down and other to climb up...the only problem was cscz hostages can not climb up the ladder so that'why they just stuck in under-ground area..now CT's will not lead Hostages from Backway area..

23/04/2006 (shahzad) - All bots are on Target..All Done

for more information contact me at [email protected]


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