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R1tz |31ts's Jungle Camo (Face) Installation: Copy or cut UrbanTemp/TerrorTemp.vtf to your player/(urban/terror) folder (C:\\Program Files\\Valve\\Steam\\SteamApps\\ACCOUNT_NAME\\counter-strike source\\cstrike\\materials\\models\\player\\[urban/terror]),make it if you don't have it yet and enjoi! Description: What I did here was take the original olive drab outfit and added facepaint featuring colors green, black, and brown! You can see the design of the facepaint in the snapshots. If you have any ideas for skins you can IM me at Rich1587(AIM) or e-mail me at RichieC1587@aol.com(title subject "Skin Idea!") I will be more than happy to make some customs skins for you! Special Thanks: Adobe Photoshop

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