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CSS:RPG is a server-side plugin that emulates the RPG (role-playing game or "level system") style game play. The objective is to gain as man...


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CSS:RPG is a server-side plugin that emulates the RPG (role-playing game or "level system") style game play. The objective is to gain as many new Levels as possible. Each Level brings new Credits which can be used to buy Upgrades. When players buy Upgrades, they recieve new abilities which give them an advantage over their opponents. For example, a player who purchases the Regeneration Upgrade Level 1 will receive one health point for every second. Further Levels of the same Upgrade will increase that Upgrade’s benefits for the player. For example, Regeneration Level 2 will give a player two health points instead of one health point every second.

Buying Upgrades subtracts the cost of that Upgrade from the player’s total Credits. A player can gain Credits in two ways: from gaining new Levels or from selling already purchased Upgrades. When a player sells an Upgrade, they only get 75% (more or less depending on the server’s settings) of the Credits they bought it for. With this in mind, it is best for a player to pick an Upgrade they will stick with.

CSS:RPG uses a dynamic system that attempts to even out the game play for low level players and high level players. Although a higher level player may potentially have more of an advantage over a lower level player, the player’s skill still determines whether they will perform better than their opponents. Additionally, lower level players gain more Experience for killing higher level players.

Experience (exp for short) is a statistics system that determines when a player reaches their next Level. When a player gains a new Level, they also have to achieve more Experience. For example, a player at Level 5 may need 250 Experience for their next Level; where as a player at Level 10 may need 500 Experience. Experience is gained from killing enemies or completing objectives. A player’s level determines how much they will be worth Experience-wise. Headshots give an additional amount of Experience (25 exp default). Damaging opponents also gives a player Experience. This helps to give lower level players more of an opportunity to “level-up” even if they don’t manage to actually kill their opponent. The amount of Experience a player currently has and the amount they still require can be viewed in the Stats menu.


o Description: Gives a player health every second. o Level 1: 1hp per second o Level 2: 2hp per second o ... o Level 5: 5hp per second

Health+ (Health Bonus)

o Description: Sets the maximum health a player has. o Level 1: 125 health max o Level 2: 150 health max o Level 3: 175 health max o Level 4: 200 health max o ... o Level 16: 500 health max


o Description: Gives a player ammo every 3 seconds. o Level 1: 1 ammo for every gun per 3 seconds o Level 2: 2 ammo for every gun per 3 seconds o ... o Level 5: 5 ammo for every gun per 3 seconds Vampire o Description: The damage done to an enemy is the health rewarded to the player. o Level 1: 7.5% of the damage is rewarded o Level 2: 15% of the damage is rewarded o Level 3: 22.5% of the damage is rewarded o Level 4: 30% of the damage is rewarded o ... o Level 10: 75% of the damage is rewarded


o Description: Decreases the player's visibility. o Level 1: 84% Visibility (255 Alpha -40) o Level 2: 67% Visibility (255 Alpha -80) o ... o Level 5: 21% Visibility (255 Alpha -200)


o Description: Increases the player's jump distance (not height). o Level 1: Jump is increased 20% o Level 2: Jump is increased 40% o ... o Level 5: Jump is increased 100% (double)


o Description: Grenades set the player's enemies on fire (as well as do regular grenade damage). o Level 1: Fire lasts 2 seconds o Level 2: Fire lasts 4 seconds o ... o Level 5: Fire lasts 10 seconds


o Description: Secondary knife attack freezes a player in place (however, weapons besides the knife will do little damage to a frozen player). o Level 1: Freeze lasts 1 second o Level 2: Freeze lasts 2 seconds o Level 3: Freeze lasts 3 seconds


o Description: All pistols slow the player down, the lesser used pistols have more effect o Level 1: Slowness lasts 0.1 seconds o Level 2: Slowness lasts 0.2 seconds o Level 3: Slowness lasts 0.3 seconds o Level 4: Slowness lasts 0.4 seconds o ... o Level 10: Slowness lasts 1 second


o Description: Gives items and weapons bought back if the player dies o Level 1: Items such as unthrown grenades, flashbangs, smokegrenades as well as the nightvision goggles and the defusing kit are given back o Level 2: All pistols and items are given back o Level 3: All weapons and items are given back

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