CS: Source Sounds of Pwnage Soundpack

A Voice pack that replaces some CS: Source Sounds


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A Voice pack that replaces some CS: Source Sounds

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Download 'sounds_of_pwnage.rar' (4.43MB)

So me and my friend decided to make some custom guns sounds. Unless you already have
custom sounds, this will not overwrite anything. A list of gun sounds are:

AWP: Shoot, Reload
DEagle: Equip, Shoot, Reload
Elites: Equip, Shoot, Reload
Glock: Shoot, Reload
M4A1: Shoot (Silenced and Not-Silenced), Silencer (Taking on and Off)
M3: Shoot, Reload, Pump
M249: Shoot, Reload
6 New Player Death Sounds!

All of these are guaranteed to make you roflmao! So if you do have custom weapon/player
sounds, just backup the sound\player or the sound\weapons folder. I have it in a RAR,
so just extract it to cstrike.

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