CS: Source Squad 7 Blood Red Terrorist Skin

A very blood red terrorist, enjoy.


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A very blood red terrorist, enjoy.

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Download 's7brterror.zip' (1.98MB)

-----Skin Made by Crawler-----

		Simply take the materials folder that is next to this readme
and drop it into your CSS/cstrike folder. If you want to use this skin for other
things such as garry's mod, it is still the same process.

		Why in gods name would you want to remove it!? WTH IS YOUR MAJOR
MALFUCTION!?!?*one one one 11 eleven... 2* Naw,jk, to remove just simple go into
the materials/models/players/terror folder and delete the vtf and vmt files. Once
you've done this, it will return to the original skin.

		The maker of this skin is not responsible for any damage that may
or may not (most likely may not) be caused to your computer. It's just a skin ffs,
the worst it can do is mess up ur directory. Also, this skin was created from 
original thought, it was not a recreation. If this skin looks like someone
elses skin, I am sorry, it is just a coincidence.

Extra Note:
		Thanks for downloading the skin, this was my first RELEASED skin.
Everything else before it has been half ass, and half done. I will continue to 
make skins in the future, but most likely not for a while. (Blasted school...)

Have any good comments? Email me at raf4a@yahoo.com. Or if u just wanna chat then
hit me up on aim, I'm Crawler101010101 ... don't ask... I'm barely on but if ur 
lucky u can catch me!

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