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Here's a rather interesting surf map. Apparently, you start out by "surfing" across some odd-shaped blocks, and should you fail to make it...


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Here's a rather interesting surf map. Apparently, you start out by "surfing" across some odd-shaped blocks, and should you fail to make it across the map after a few tries, you'll land in a "jail," in which you'll rocket across four platforms and try to kill any of the opposing team that ends up there with a shotgun. If a player frees you from jail, you'll supposedly be teleported to a "volleyball room", in which you try to hit a volleyball back and forth. If you score two points for your team, you'll be sent back to the starting point of the map.

Now, being a spectacular failure at these kinds of maps, haven't been able to really see anything without the use of Noclip and bots (which are amazingly oblivious to everything the map is designed for, in true bot fasion) but it looks like yet another good surfing map with a few nice twists.

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SURF_GRAPHIA by Target Practice

- This map is a linear medium/hard surf.
- There are two jails composing of:

SHOTGUN BOOST slug fest:

... Boost around jail with your shotgun and kill the opposing players in jail. If a player frees you from jail, you will be teleported to the VOLLEYBALL room in which you must win the match to return to spawn.



... Shoot the volleyball to the opposing players side. If you win 2 points for your team, you will be sent free. The losing team is teleported back to jail.

- Many thanks go to DragonRock, Guardian Studios, and Solidsurf.
- Special thanks go to Ryan S, Takuma, and Akino.
- Thankyou for the critisisms and ideas throughout the making of this map.
- Thankyou to the entire DragonRock Clan and Community, and for all those who played the open surf_graphia_BETA3.


If you have any problems or queries about this map then feel free to contact me:

- xfire: targetpractice808
- STEAM Friends: Target Practice



- You may NOT edit or change this map without my permission.



- To install the map you will need to copy&paste (or extract the contents of the .rar if you wish) the .BSP file (surf_graphia.bsp) into the 'maps' folder.
- To get to this folder you will need to go into:

- Program Files>Steam>Steamapps>counter-strike source>cstrike>maps. 

- The .bsp file included in the download should go in your maps folder. 

- Load up the game and you should be able to play it.

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