CS: Source Terrorist Hard Baller Hands

Terrorist hard baller hands for CSS. Pretty cool!


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Terrorist hard baller hands for CSS. Pretty cool!

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:::::::Skin Made by Crawler:::::::

		Very simple installation, just pick how you play in the game (Left Handed
or with Right Hand Models) and take the materials folder in that folder and place it in 
your CSS/cstrike directory and your done! 

		You sure you wanna get rid of it... you know skins have feelings too :'(
To get rid of the skin just search in your materials/models/weapons/v_models folder in your
CSS/cstrike directory, find the folder named hands and get rid of everything in it. 

		The maker of this skin is not responsible for any damage that may or may 
not (most likely may not) be caused to your computer. It's just a skin ffs, the worst it
can do is mess up ur directory. Also, the skin featured here was created from original thought,
it was not a recreation. If this skin looks like someone elses, I am sorry, it is just a 

{:}Extra Note{:}
		Well comon, you had to see this coming! I am slowly hitting every single
model, eventually I will remake all of the skins and take over the world! Muahahahah!
ALL YOUR SKINS ARE BELONG TO ME... well actually all my skins are belong to u... or...
oh nevermind...

{:}Copyright Note{:} 
		This and all other skins made by this author (Crawler) shall NOT be
used for commercial gain. In other words, screw you games fusion. If you want to
use any of my skins, for a pack that is FREE to everyone, please be my guest and add
credits if possible. If you are reskinning any of my skins, or featuring them in a
comic or such, you MUST add credits. Thank You!

Like the hands? Have any good comments? Have anything you don't like? Go ahead and email
me at [email protected] Or if u just wanna chat then hit me up on aim, I'm Crawler101010101
...don't ask... I'm barely on but if ur lucky u can catch me!

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