CS: Source terrorist skins

Some terrorists skins to go with the recent counterterrorist skins.


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Some terrorists skins to go with the recent counterterrorist skins.

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Download 'terrorskins.zip' (4.11MB)


The idea behind this selection of skins is to provide a range of Terrorist and Counter Terrorist player options based on European theatres of conflict. I felt there were many excellent skinners providing skins based on the conflicts in the Middle East and that the whole Navy Seal and Delta Force thing had also been covered in some depth.

As I post this it would appear that Valve are planning to update the Terrorist model as they did recently with the Counter Terrorist. As such it may mean that the Terrorist skins posted here may soon become obsolete. I've had a look at the new Terrorist model and like a lot of people I'm not exactly 'thrilled' by Valve's new offering. These misgivings must be balanced, I feel, by the fact that the model updates, like the new maps (all of which have been excellent) are offered by Valve for free. Having said that, the new Counter Terrorist model does, as many have remarked, look WAY too much like an American Footballer.

Shouts out to FRAGGER whose know how and skill in all things graphic and HL2 is only surpassed by his desire to share this knowledge.

Special thanks to the PSNI clan for all their help in testing the skins.

Vectorsync. UK. 2005.  

Email - [email protected]

URL - http://www.vectorsync.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

To install - (really basic instructions)

1. go here - (Your install folder or drive)\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials.

2. in this folder create a folder called models (all small case) and only if you don't already have one.

3. then in this folder create a folder called player (all small case) and only if you don't already have one.

4. then in this folder create 2 folders, 1 called ct_urban and 1 called terror (all small case). These 2 folders are where CSS will look for your new skins. If these folders are empty it will use the default skins. 

5. Now copy the contents of the downloaded folder (where this Readme is) into the relevant folder that you created in step 4. ie TerrorTemp goes into terror and ct_urban goes into ct_urban (ok a bit obvious that last bit).

an easy way to switch between skins is to add a suffix to their file name when not in use
for instance -

Say you have 3 TerrorTemp skins you want to switch between. Name the active 1 TerrorTemp.vtf and CSS will use it on game start. The other 2 can be renamed based on what their contents are eg - TerrorTemp(KLA).vtf and TerrorTemp(ETA).vtf. To switch simply remove the part of name in brackets (remembering to add a suffix to the vtf file you want to change. Don't worry about the .vmt file as it's common to all the skins)

I hope these instructions are straightforward enough.

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