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Many are already familiar with the beta versions while some are not at all. This is your chance to jack into The Matrix universe and prove t...


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Many are already familiar with the beta versions while some are not at all. This is your chance to jack into The Matrix universe and prove that YOU are the one! Fight the Counter-Strike way into memorable locations from the movies like the Government Lobby, the Dojo, the Office and more!

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Download 'de_thematrix.zip' (9.3MB)

The Matrix v1.0 for CS:S 
by MoonQuake

IMPORTANT ADMINS: The Matrix map is big! If you want people to be able to download the map directly from your server, you must use this command:

net_maxfilesize 26

Default 16mb. The Matrix map is 23mb.

Without this command changed to 26, people will download all the resources EXCEPT the .BSP and they will get an error message like "de_thematrix.bsp not found".
-->If your server BZIPs the maps you're ok, but make sure you test it first.


Map Type: DE (Bomb/Defuse) 
Map Name: de_thematrix
Release date: September 2nd, 2005
Bombsites Locations: Dojo and Office (look for transparent matrix code areas on the ground)
Available Weapons: Standard 
Map Environment: part of a restricted system 
Map Theme: The Matrix movies
Map's Time of Day: Day and night 
Special Features: elevator and low gravity hot spots
Recommended/Maximum Players: 24/50 max
Custom Textures Used: yes
Custom Sounds Used: yes
.NAV File Included (for bots and locations): yes
Tips for this Map: "Free Your Mind"


Extract the content of the ZIP file directly into your "cstrike" folder.

".../steam/steamapps/username/counter-strike source/cstrike"

If you previously installed any old Matrix beta versions: delete the old BSPs and overwrite all the files when installing v1.0

Extract the images (JPG) somewhere else if you want to.

Having trouble Unzipping the ZIP? DO NOT use the windows ZIP utility, use Winrar or Winzip.

Changelog for the Matrix 1.0:

-Improved .NAV system for bots.
-Improved lobby breakable tiles.
-Improved elevator behavior.
-Made a few geometry changes for improved gameplay.
-Added new ambient sounds.
-Removed low gravity in the white room and added an additional entrance.
-Removed elevator damage.
-Removed matrix room damage.
-Changed Dojo destruction sequence.
-Enlarged ducts and bathrooms wall passage for easier access.
-Increased the size of the elevator for more room and less shakyness.
-Fixed backdoor corridors floor (funky colors).
-Other minor fixes

Major known issues with the Matrix 1.0:

-The elevator is still shaky. Elevators aren't working perfectly online because they bump into players and players bump into each other so sometimes you feel like everything's shaking. This will never be better until it is improved by Valve.

-Some walls aren't properly lit with the flashlight.(unknown bug)
-Some walls have low res lightmaps (shadow/lighting) and improper lighting. (same unknown bug)
-Some reflections look weird in rare cases. (same unknown bug)

-The elevator might be missing when you start a new round but short after, the doors shut and you can't see the problem anymore. This is a bug related to timers and outputs for certain objects. The timers don't reset between rounds in CS:S for unknown magical reasons.

-Limited bot support: they get stuck sometimes but everything is fine other than that. They are smart-asses that hide in ducts, use teleporters and use the elevator. They just get stuck from time to time.

There might still be bugs in the map. If so, contact me as soon as possible and a new version will be released to correct major bugs if any still exists.


-This map took me 3 months to improve, from beta 1 to beta 3, and to this final version. (Hopefully the last one)

-Total build time in Hammer: 1h 48 min.

-This map has 3701 sources of light!

-This map has 1 easter egg, 1 hidden signature and 1 hidden message.

-Total players dead from failing the roof jump during testing: around 50

-% of players who made the jump the first time during testing: around 10% (excluding me, lol!)


-To my lovely girlfriend who supported me and has a lot of patience. :)  xx
-To Zack who contacted me first, got interested in my project and made the Matrix Guide, and all the folks over at Wastelandsgaming.com who helped me beta test the map. <3
-To Pepsi Cola
-To Budweiser and Stella Artois Beers (and others I remember vaguely)
-To Spicy Tostitos corn chips
-To Zesty Lime Tostitos corn chips
-To Winamp for the internet radio
-To all CS:S players visiting the forums for their support, suggestions and bug reports!
-And finally, to Valve of course (BTW, you guys got an open level designer position?)
-God, bitch-slap me if I forgot someone...

Enjoy The Matrix universe for Counter-Strike: Source and thanks again for playing my map!

Level Designer

Want to report a bug or give me some love? Email me!

Your server is running The Matrix? Contact me I will advertise it on the forums!
You want to mirror the ZIP installation file? Contact me I will advertise your web site on the forums!

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