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This CS: Source realism mod increases all the weapon damages by a lot and takes some CT-only weapons off the T side. It also changes weapon...


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This CS: Source realism mod increases all the weapon damages by a lot and takes some CT-only weapons off the T side. It also changes weapon names, and rates of fire.

Try the SAW on a CQB map, a guy's body flew over my head after I put a 10 round burst in him. More individual changes in the readme below.

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Download 'ultimatecs.srealismmod.zip' (20.76MB)

Creator: D
Dont copy ANYTHING without my permission
Note: all the skins, sounds and models arent mine, I acknowlege that and dont take credit for that. I cant remember who made th skins, sounds and models, but theyre not mine.
Copy all folders into C>program Files>Steam>SteamApps>YerNameHere>counterstrike>cstrike   folder.
The syntax above may not be all that right, but you get the idea.
If you have existing mods there, open the folders in here and merge the files.

All sniper rifles are less accurate (espically semis) , and the silenced one has a shorter range than all the others

All the CTs have good weaps, but Terrorisis can buy them for cheaper price.

The AWP is now more for the Un-Noob, the semi rifles are fro the sniper noob, and the scout os for the guy who camps at the T spawn,  near the cliff in Port.

Individual Wepon Changes:

Name changed to Colt M1911a1
Colt .45 model added
Damage upped to 85
clip changed to 7

Name changed to Enfield L96
Kills in one hit, but with armor it takes two, you only have like 2 HP left.
Enfield L86 model (Not Mine)
Clip changed to 10 rnds

name changed to Enfield L86-SD
Kills with one hit at short range, two at far range.
More ammo!!
Shorter range, slightly innacurate

Name: M249 Minimi
rate of fire upped a LOT
damage upped to 45, to decrease noobage.

You can carry up to 5 (only 3 frags to decrease noobage), and frags are more damaging.

Name: Kalishnikov AK47
A lot cheaper
damage upped to 75

Name: G3
Higher damage
less accurate

Tried to make damage higher, idk if it worked.

Damage upped to 80 (.45 ACP round!!)

Name changed to Colt M4A1 Carbine
New model and sound
Damage upped to 58
MoRE AMMO!!!! and that goes for all m4s in the game

Damage upped to 58
clip upped to 45 to  counter the CT M4/CMag
added some zooom

They kill in one hit, two with armor.

Five-Seven, and Sig228:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Damage upped, but nobody cares about these pistols.

Name: Beretta 92FS
Damage upped to 40
fires in 2 shot burst now.

Clarion 5.56:::::::::::::::::::::::::
Damage upped to 58

Damage upped to 40, try it on burst mode!!

Changed to M4, damage is 52, zooms a bit

SiG 552:::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Sniper version:
Changed to M4, etc, ecept it scopes and less accuratee

Zoomed version:
taken off T list.

Damage upped to 80, faster rate of fire.

Shmidt Machine Pistol:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Name: Steyr TMP
Damage upped to 45

name: H&K MP5A2
Damage upped to 45
accuracy and rate of fire increased
new skin

Name: Fabrique Nationale Herstal P90
Damage and rate of fire upped
taken off terror buy list (sry)

Damage upped to 90
Two hits, armor or not yer in a pine box.

This mod is sure to make matches faster with the weapons actually able to pwn in 2-3 shots!!!!!!!!
Its my first CS mod, and tested only with retard bots, so a lil feedback will help!!:)

Tips with playing with my mod::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Shoot first, aim for the dome. ---> ()     _______
Pistols are actually useful, so use them. |    ___|
when making buy presets, drop pistol first so when u use a preset, you dont re-buy the pistol.$$$$$
Dont fall off your camping chair.

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