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Finally! The new version of Ultimate Weapons Mod is out! Its a total makeover of the origional mod, including changes in weapon damages, rat...


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Finally! The new version of Ultimate Weapons Mod is out! Its a total makeover of the origional mod, including changes in weapon damages, rate of fire, accuracy, and crosshair spread, the spread added in to give a more cs 1.6 feel to the game. Nearly every weapon model has been replaced with something fresh and new. One example is the FAMAS, which is now a M16A4. If you loved the first mod, DL this mod. Take a look at the readme for individual changes.

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Download 'uwmv2.zip' (199.83MB)

Ultimate Weapons Mod V.2 By SgtDylan

:::::::::Legal Crudd:::::::::::::::::::::
Dont use this w/o my permission, blah blah ,all the skins and models arent mine i know this and wont take cred for those, da da da

Place all the folders into your cprogram filessteamsteam appsyer namecounter strike source folder. and put the cstrike folder in there.
Start up css and yer ready to play.

::::Special thanks::::::::::::::::::::::::
all the skinners and modellers on fpsbanana who made all the skins and models.
AD, for the script files
me, for making the mod
the filefront community, for over 1000 DLs of my last mod!

:::::::::::::The Mod:::::::::::::::::
What this mod aims to do is bring a higher level of realism to CSS without jepoardising fun.
 I think I have struck a balance with this mod.
Too much realism: No Fun
My mod
Vanilla Css: No Fun

Some weapons have working LAM lasers.
Nearly every weapon had been redone. (new models and sound)
The Balance as mentioned above.
Higer weapon damages, to bring cs 1.6 and cz style gameplay back to the source game. 
NEW SCOPE!!!!!!!!! Mil-dot reticule
Wider crosshairs, more like 1.6. Which means that blasting someone from a far range wont work anymore. Single shots. The wider hairs also let you see the blood FX better. I cant describe the fun of seeing 6 rounds blast off the g36c, and seeing them impact thier target and seeing the target spurt blood as I get the kill message in the top of my screen.
Crosshair Sizes:

Individual Changes:

Name changed to Avatomat Kalishnikova 1947.
Damage upped to 37. Which means a 3-4 shot kill.
new model

Name changed to L96A1
Damage lowered to 110, so limb shots will take 2 shots.
New model with bolt on correct side, new sound

Night Hawk .50:::::
Nam echanged to Colt M1911-A1
Damage lowered to 50, which means 2-3 shot kills
new model

Name changed to Beretta 92FS x2
Dmage chabged to 35, which means 3-4 shot kills

Clarion 5.56:::::
Name changed to Colt M16A4
Dmage upped to 32, which means 4-5 shot kills. The ROF of the weapon makes up for this.
clip changed to 30
M16 model and sound

Name changed to SVD Dragunov
Damage changed to 85, which means 2 shots per kill.
new Dragunov model and sound

IDF Defender:::::
Name changed to Galil.
Damage changed to 32, which means 4-5 shot kills.

9x19mm Sidearm:::::
Name changed to Glock 18 mag lowered to 18 shots
damage upped to 38, 3-4 shot kills.
new model and sound

ES FiveseveN:::::
Name changed to beretta 92FS
damage changed to 38, 3-4 shot kills
clip size changed to 15
correct model, sound.

K&M .45 Tactical:::::
Name changed to Mk23 SOCOM .45
damage changed to 47, 3-4 shot kills
working LAM

Pump Shotty:::::
Name changed to M1S90
Damage upped.
new model,sounds

Maverick M4A1 Carbine:::::
Name changed to Colt M4A1
Damage upped to 32, 4-5 shot kills.
ROF upped.
New model and sound!!!!!!

Name changed to FN m249 Minimi
damage upped to 33, 4-5 shot kills.
higher ROF
New model

Name changed to Ingram MAC-10
Damage changed to 34 4-5 shot kills.
ROF upped

KM 9mm SMG:::::
Name changed to MP5N
new model 
new sound
higher ROF
damage changed to 36, 3-4 shot kills

ES c90:::::
Name changed to Fabrique National Heratal P90
new model 
damage upped to 27, 5-6 shot kills

.228 comapct:::::
name changed to SiG P226
damage changed to 40, 3-4 shot kils
new model and sound

Schmidt Scout:::::
name changed to m24 SWS
mag chanced to 5
new model with corract bolt
working LAM

SiG 552:::::
Name changed to SiG 552 Commando
damage changed to 33, 4-5 shot kills
new model

Schmidt Machine Pistol:::::
Name change dto MP7PDW
Clip changed to 45, ROF upped
new model/sound ]
damage upped to32, 4-5 shot kills

KM UMP:::::
Name changed to Silenced UMP .45
Faster ROF 
new silenced UMP model and sound
damage upped to 35, 3-4 shot killls

Leone auto shotty:::::
new model, higher damage

name changed to g36C
damage: 34, 3-4 shiot kills
new model, sound

SiG 550::::::
name changed to m21
clip changed to 20, given 100 rnds
New m21 model and sound

Other various changes in rof, accuracy, range.

eat yer heart out, Fusion Pack.

The Future::::::::::
I plan to keep realising the mod with various changes, and new weapon models. any questions?email me.
i want to add innacuracy to the sniper rifles to accomadate for the lack of scope drift. or make a animated drifting scope.

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