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This is a skin / sound pack which replaces most of the ct's weapons and all of the games sounds, it changes the player model of the ct, chan...


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This is a skin / sound pack which replaces most of the ct's weapons and all of the games sounds, it changes the player model of the ct, changes the name counter-terrorist to KSK, it changes the splash screen and various other things, definately worth a download.

(ps all the screenshots were taken by me =P)

below is a change log

Object skins:Action:

Computer-HP computer Garbage bin-BFI garbage bin Microwave-new content Trash can-new content Vending machine-Pepsi machine Water bottle-Pepsi bottle

Pictures / Graphics:

Background images:

Main menu background image changed

Buymenu pictures:

AK-47 buymenu picture- standard AUG buymenu picture- H&K G36 C buymenu picture AWP buymenu picture- AI G22 A1 buymenu picture Desert Eagle buymenu picture- grey Desert Eagle buymenu picture Flashbang buymenu picture- dark flashbang buymenu picture HE grenade buymenu picture- brownish HE grenade buymenu picture M4A1 buymenu picture- H&K G36 buymenu picture MP5 buymenu picture- H&K MP5SD2 buymenu picture Smoke grenade buymenu picture- blueish smoke grenade buymenu picture TMP buymenu picture- H&K MP7 buymenu picture UMP45 buymenu picture- H&K MP5K buymenu picture USP buymenu picture- H&K P8 buymenu picture


Concrete decalsF.E.A.R. style


HUD fields layout/// tactical version available

Player skins:

Counter-Terrorist- KSK soldier Hostages- bruised


Item sounds:

Ammunition pickup sounds- changed Flashlight sound- changed Kevlar pickup sounds- changed Nightvision sounds- changed Weapon pickup sounds- changed

Physics sounds:

Flesh hit soundschanged /// 2 versions available

Player sounds:

Death sounds- changed Footstep sounds (a lot of them)- changed Headshot sounds- changed Helmet hit sounds- changed Kevlar hit sounds- changed

Radio sounds:

CT win, T win, Round draw- no sound Rest of them- Kyrottimus' sound pack

Weapon sounds: all sounds below have been changed

AK-47 firing / boltpull sounds AUG boltpull / forearm sound AWP bolt / firing / clipin / clipout sounds Beretta firing / deploy sounds C4 beep / click / explode / plant sounds Clip empty sounds Desert Eagle deploy sound FAMAS firing / forearm sounds Fiveseven firing sound G3/SG1 firing / slide sounds Galil firing / boltpull sounds Glock firing sound Grenade pinpull sound HE grenade explosion sounds Knife deploy / wall hit / slash / stab sounds M3 insert shell / pump sounds M4A1 bolt / clip / firing / deploy / silencer sounds MP5 firing sound P228 firing sound P90 firing sound Pinpull sound SG552 boltpull / clipin / clipout sounds Smokegrenade explode sound TMP firing sound UMP bolt / clipin / clipout / firing sounds USP silenced / firing / clip / silencer / slide sounds XM 1014 firing / insert shell sounds Zoom sound


cstrike_english.txtchat radio mess. match sound radio mess. metrical system and bugfixes in buymenu real weapon names

cslogo.ttfwriting removed

Weapon models:

AUG/H&K G36 C AWP/AI G22 A1 Desert Eagle/grey Desert Eagle Knife/Kabar knife M4A1/H&K G36 MP5A3/H&K MP5SD2 TMP/H&K MP7 UMP45/H&K MP5K

Weapon skins:

AK-47/standard Arms/black arms Flashbang/dark flashbang Glock 18/world skin colored correctly HE grenade/brownish HE grenade M249/world skin colored correctly Smoke grenade/blueish smoke grenade USP/H&K P8

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Download 'commando_zero_beta_5.zip' (39.65MB)

Version: Beta 5

Release: 10.09.2005


Hi, I'm Dark Avenger and I put together skins, sounds etc. to create this skin pack. I chose the name "Commando Zero" because I wanted to use K(-->Kommando)SK soldier skins in it and I wanted to be as close as possible to something that is linked to CS (you might notice the closeness to the name "Condition Zero"). If you want to talk about anything regarding Commando Zero, please mail to Dark_Avenger@gmx.net


Commando Zero is a skin pack for Counter-Strike: Source that turns your Counter-Terrorists into soldiers of Germany's best army force, the "Kommando Spezialkräfte", KSK for short. It also changes some weapon skins (e.g. USP to P8) and models (e.g. AWP to G22), object skins, a lot of sounds and various other stuff to make the game feel more realistic, too. Me and my "colleagues", the many skinners, modelers and sound designers mentioned in the credits file, at least hope that. If you like something, don't be afraid of writing to the creator!


Just extract all the files manually from the ZIP-archive into your game folders where they belong (see examples). If a folder does not exist, create it and put the necessary files in it. If you are asked whether you want to overwrite files, click "OK".

It should be quite easy if you are able to copy files. If you are not sure what "copy" means, please delete this pack for your own sake!

Here is an example for the directory where you should put in 9 bullet impact sounds:

...\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\***YOUR NAME***\counter-strike source\hl2\sound\physics\flesh

And here is an example for the directory where you should put in 3 HE grenade sounds:

...\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\***YOUR NAME***\counter-strike source\cstrike\sound\weapons\hegrenade

Start the game and you will see the difference immediately.


Just delete the copied Commando Zero files from your game directories.


Please do not think that I have only used work of others to create Commando Zero. I am neither a modeler nor a mapper (only for UT2004), but able to create and edit pictures and sounds. Here is a list of what I have done mostly by myself with VALVE providing the basis for these changes.

- menu background ("splash") image
- CT skin
- USP skin
- world skin of Desert Eagle
- VGUI picture of HE grenade, smoke grenade, flashbang, Desert Eagle, AWP, TMP, MP5, AUG, UMP45, M4A1
- real weapon names
- "ammopickup"-sounds, "itempickup"-sounds, flashlight sound, Beretta firing sound, Five-Seven firing sound, P228 firing sound, XM1014 firing sound, TMP firing sounds, M4A1 firing and some reload sounds


You can find a standard and a tactical style HUD layout in "…\cstrike\scripts". Just rename the one you want to "HudLayout.res" (the pre-installed one is the standard version).

You can find two sets of bullet-into-flesh impact sounds in "…\hl2\sound\physics\flesh\with[out] screams". Just copy the ones you want to "…\hl2\sound\physics\flesh" (the pre-installed version is the set with screams).

You can find a new set of bullet impact decals in "…\cstrike\materials\decals\CONCRETE". If you don’t like them (chances are high), just delete the folder "CONCRETE" and the standard ones will be there.

Be sure to drop me a mail for a nice modpack that slightly changes the appearance of your Doom 3. It looks nice, but it's not too offensive.


Of course, this is just an advanced beta version of Commando Zero and it will never be complete without a model of the most sexy G36, the G36 K fully decked out with flashlight, laser, IR-laser, optional sights, drum magazine (joking :D) and so on. If you are a modeler, experienced or unexperienced, it would be very nice of you to create at least a normal G36 K model. Please do not write me if you are going to do another G36 model because there are already a lot of them and, believe me or not, still people starting new G36 C models.
Even the XM-8 rifle system of the US Army is actually the G36 system with major optical and minor technical changes. As you see in the G36 model picture, the gun can replace many CS:S weapons. You can contact me if you think about modeling this famous high-tech rifle. I can give you some reference material for a good model.


When you try to enter a server, an error like this: "Server is enforcing consistency for this file: Models\Weapons\w_rif_aug.mdl" appears. Just try it again and you should (!) be able to play.

When you try to create a server, an error like the one discribed above appears. Just type "sv_consistency 0" into the console, try it again and you should be able to set up the game.

When you play online, the world models of the AUG, MP5 and maybe other weapons are half buried in the ground.

If the server you are playing on does not have Commando Zero along with its script files installed, you will definitely not hear the "extra" sounds.


Please do not use any work of the artists without asking them for permission! Please read the Credits.rtf file (if you like to do this)!

I am not responsible for any damages or data losses on your computer. You use this TC at your own risk!

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