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Zombie Horde is a survival game. You and your team must work together to annihilate the horde of undead that is intent on making a meal of y...


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Zombie Horde is a survival game. You and your team must work together to annihilate the horde of undead that is intent on making a meal of you and your team. There are many different character classes available to play as, each with their own abilities and deficiencies, so choose wisely. Additionally there are several types of zombie, each using different powers to bring your team to it's knees.

Zombie Horde Features:

- Windows support - Metamod:Source support (recommended) - Major code overhaul and restructure by our new lead programmer, electronaut - New 'Ghost' character...ride the lightning! - Powerups - Team balancer (to prevent zombie stacking) - Player statistics - In-built weapon restrictions - Innumerable bug fixes - New maps: zh_dark_cbbl_48 and zh_laststand_final

In the suggested configuration, the game is run as a 32 player server with 18 bots playing as zombies. Since most maps have 20 spawn points, this allows for two real players to join the zombie team and 'lead' the horde, using radio commands. As they spawn, all of the zombie team members are given a generous health boost and self healing powers. The zombies may then only be hurt with direct headshots, in true zombie style.

As a human team player, you will spend a lot of time panicking and running backwards. Your heart rate will double, and you will be trying to focus hard, trying to keep that m3 shotgun aimed squarely at the decaying head of the zombie in chase. You will grunt with satisfaction when your shot connects and POP! the head flies off the zombie, thereby putting it down for good.

Zombie Horde is an extremely fun game to play, and we feel we have reached our objective of creating a mod that is a challenging and exciting co-op shooter. We have spent as much time tweaking the health and abilities of the character classes as we have coding the game, to ensure this is not just a 'hey look we hacked cs' mod, but an actual playable game. The premise is so good in fact, that there is now a commercial game being made based on almost exactly the same gameplay!!

As Zombie Horde is a server side modification for Counter-Strike Source, this means that once installed on a server, there is no need for players to manually install anything as it is all automated by the server. This means that the downloads provided here are for server operators rather than actual players. Zombie Horde can be played on a LAN as well.

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Download 'zhplugin1.0.0.zip' (18.82MB)

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