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An interesting map made by 3DF Clan... :)


cs cs_alpin

A beautiful restaurant in the German Alps very good for a small map, even has a cable cart to travel on :)


cs cs_assault2k

An upgraded "cs_assault" map. Some of the areas of the map was updated and added new textures to make it look more realistic...


de de_Starwars

A Starwars map with vehicles... You can drive 3 type of vehicles in this map. There is yellow podracer, red podracer and a cute R2D2. The au...


de de_adrenalin

A bomb / defuse map, looks good and simple ;)


No Screenshot
de de_adrenalin

An updated version of the map de_adrenalin :)


No Screenshot
de de_stronghold

de_stronghold, a bomb-defuse from Moostix


No Screenshot
de de_greec3

de_greec3 made by Matthew Pike, nice map :)


No Screenshot
de de_cabbage

another de map by Matthew Pike


No Screenshot
de de_dust2_2006

de_dust2 2006 version                                 ...


No Screenshot
Other dtc_modertarzan

Map made by a member of the Dutch Tower Clan


Other dtc_vehicle_attack

Another map from Dutch Terror Clan


No Screenshot
Other dtc_megacrazytruckerz

Another map from the Dutch Terror Clan


No Screenshot
Other dtc_glassfunmap

Map from Dutch Terror Clan


No Screenshot
Other dtc_legoland

Another interesting map from Dutch Terror Clan


No Screenshot
Other tombraider-USPmatch

{DTC} FLAMER NL has done a great job again. Check out this weapon skin create by him. It has a gold version & a silver. It is very nice but...


Other fy_iceworld

A small map, you cannot purchase any weapons, there is a choice of weapons on the floor at each spawn which are always there when the round...


Other awp_map

Just a large map with a few obstacles, and aload of awps on the floor at each spawn!


Other aim_ak-colt

Another map where both teams get supplied with either AK47's or Colts depending which team you choose, with obstacles to save you from gett...


Other aim_ak-colt2

Another map which involves AK47's and Colt's at spawn with obstacles...


Other aim_ak-colt2k3

Another map same stuff :)


Other awp_map2

Another AWP map, good for awp practice - lots of obstacles...


Other awp_map3

Another AWP practice map :)


Other awp_map4

Another AWP practice map, but as others, they have different looks :)


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