Crysis like you have never seen before

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Published by sovereign001 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Like we all know, Crysis is a beautiful game that has the perfect balance between game play and graphics. It scores everywhere excellent points. Still, the heavy gamers expected more of Crysis, meaning graphics.

People that went to the E3 saw and played some footage of Crysis and know that the Crysis that you can buy now, is not really the same. It looks completely different. The textures look different, the way the AI interacts,... We all saw the Jungle fight that visually explained the difference between dx10 and dx9. We all expected these kinds of graphics but we were disappointed.

Until now...

A person called crazyeyezkillah is working on E3 levels that have the same looks and beautiful graphics that we want. By changing the TOD (Time Of Day), you can get a new level of graphics. The shadows will look different, the textures will look different,...

Not only this is going to change, the weapons will have their old looks. Like the scar for example.

When the levels will be released is still a question, but such beauty must not be rushed in my opinion.

One map is already for download and shall be posted on Crysis Files as soon as possible.

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