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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


This is an interesting mod idea...It is based on a cyberpunk-themed adventure game published by Konami and originally written and directed by Hideo Kojima. It was first released in Japan in 1988 for the NEC PC-8801 and MSX2 computer platforms, followed by a remade CD-ROM version for the PC Engine in 1992.

The story of this game as told by WIKI is that on June 6, 1996 (1991 in the Japanese versions), a chemical weapon known as Lucifer-Alpha under development in Chernoton, Russia, is released into the atmosphere, resulting in the death of 80% of the Eurasian and Eastern European population which in turn results in the death of half of the world's population. The contaminated area becomes uninhabitable for a decade, when Lucifer-Alpha mutates into a non-lethal form. This tragic event later becomes known as "the Catastrophe". Fifty years later, a breed of artificial life-forms or bioroids known as "snatchers" began appearing in the artificial island of Neo Kobe City, killing their victims and taking their place in society. Nobody knows exactly what they are or where they come from. As Gillian Seed, an amnesiac working for an Anti-Snatcher task force called J.U.N.K.E.R., the player's goal is to track down the source of the snatchers and discover Gillian's mysterious connections with them.

The "Snatcher" Mod aims to re-create the "Original" game(s) in a 3D environment, while staying as close as possible to Hideo Kojima's "cult classic" game. This Mod has been in development since mid February 2008, using Crytek's Amazing CryEngine2, SandBox2 and SDK tools. The development team currently consists of just Ash712...the one man MOD team, and progress is coming along pretty well so far. Having said that, Ash712 is looking for some help, if you are a Coders/Programmers, then contact the developer...someone with "Flowgraph" experience in the SandBox2 is a plus!

Some of the features that will be in the game include:

  • "Explore Neo Kobe City" :
    • 4-8 blocks of "free-roaming" city enviroment per "map/level"
    • Two dozen different "map/level"s
    • The ability to "Drive" your "Turbocycle" through the streets of Neo Kobe City
  • "Detective Style Gameplay" :
    • First Person Shooter/Roleplaying gameplay mixed with "Detective Style" Investigations/puzzels. From run-and-gun, To spending money and collecting "evidence".
  • "Your own personal Navigator" :
    • Use (possibly play as) "Metal Gear MKII" (Your navigator/robot "Sidekick") to reach/explore areas NOT accessible to the "Player" (Gillian Seed).
    • Use your navigator to "Store" items and information, as well as make "Videophone" calls
And more!!

Stay tuned for more information as it comes available!

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