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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


We have more submissions added to the Submitted Banner Page for the banner contest! The page will be updated with banners as they are received; I like choice, so lets make this a hard decision to make by increasing the number of submissions! If you have any questions concerning the banner, let me know either here or by email. Visit these pages for more information: Take part in the CrysisFiles Banner Contest! CrysisFiles Banner Contest Submitted Banners for the Contest [/list]

The contest is set to end in the next few weeks, with the winning banner put in place for the New Year, so if you haven't already sent in your creation, do so now...if you have submitted an entry, feel free to do another one...there is no limit!

Keep those banners coming in! ~Rebel

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