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Media Crysis Multiplayer DX9 Movie

Just under two minutes of multiplayer footage (pre-alpha software).


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Media Crysis GDC 2006 Movie

Quicktime format engine tech / gameplay trailer from the sci-fi shooter Crysis.


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Media Crysis Gameplay Movie 5

This trailer features just under a minute of gameplay footage.


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Media Crysis Gameplay Movie 6

This movie sports just under a minute of gameplay footage.


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Media First Official In-Game Crysis 2 Shots

to the public, giving us our first taste of the upcoming game. This is the first public release of in-game screenshots of Crysis 2, and it i...


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Media New Eden Screenshot Pack

this upload consists of 9 screenshots that will feature in the modification. These screenshots show off the excellent architectural work and...


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Media crysis 2 teaser poster

you will recognize the image, I just added to it, and gave it my unique look.I love this game so much.


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Audio Eclipse Mod - Aftermath Song

The guys with the Eclipse Mod have been doing some great work, and one in particular, Mike Jennings has even released some music for it! He...


Audio Crysis Sound Pack

Are you a through-N-through Crysis fanatic? Do you eat, sleep and (what did you think I was going to say?) Crysis?...


Video Trauma - A Crysis Machinima

It would seem that even before I had some free time to browse, it appears that tho...


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Video Assault Coop Crysis Zombies Teaser

Some of you may recognize the name of this developer as being from Far Cry fame...well, he is making the move to Crysis, and he is bringing...


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Video Mass AI Numbers

We have, for your viewing pleasure, a video developed by FlameKnight7, that will answer all of those pressing questions that many of you may...


Video Crysis Remastered Trilogy Teaser Trailer

Crysis Remastered Trilogy is coming to consoles and PC this fall! You’ll visit the dangerous North Korean islands, save humanity from...


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Wallpapers crysis wallpaper

As there were numerous posts about clid wallpaper being too small when it appeared in the PotD, he has chosen to re-send it as a file for al...


Wallpapers sobs Work of Art

The write up on this file can best be left in the developer's own words: well, not to knock psycho, i did like his pose in this pi...


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Wallpapers Alien war wallpaper

To get the word of his WIP out there, plus to give you a little teaser, first time CrysisFiles contributor: ringking4 is here to prov...