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All Files In Crysis Utilities
Utilities Crytools Launcher

For those of you that have installed, and have been using the old Crysis Launcher v0.8 developed by Clivey, can rejoice in the fact that, li...


Utilities Rconnect

This is a nice admin utility that lets server admins control their server away from that pesky ingame rcon. This program lets admins do anyt...


Utilities Crysis Jungle Warfare

...And now for something completely different from the norm, complements of the imagination belonging to Kiikunkaakun! Crysis Jungle Wa...


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Utilities Crysis beta 3 Intro Skip

A fix to replace the intro videos on Crysis beta 3 with blank files.


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Utilities Cuban's Custom Crysis

Cuban's Custom Crysis Configs SP DEMO + BETA 3 v1.0. This gives you a very high DX10 goodness at framerates closer to medium and low.


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Utilities Crysis System Config

Crysis system config for low to mid spec machines.


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Utilities Crysis Benchmark Tool v1.05

The tool provides a robust front-end to benchmark Crysis. It provides the ability to queue up many runs and will provide detailed results fo...


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Utilities Cubans CustomCrysisConfigs 1.2

Cuban's Custom Crysis Configs version 1.2


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Utilities CryMod-Launcher v0.3

This tool is for launching the game/mods and/or maps in one easy GUI + useful tools and settings.


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Utilities Crysis Flowgraph Tutorial Files

These are the files for the FG Tutorial made by Dark_Raver9.


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Utilities Crysis XML Generator

Generates XML files for Crysis so that the game can identify them.


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Utilities CryRCon

This is the latest version for Crysis Patch 1.1 of the Crysis RCon tool that allows everyone to administrate a server easily via the given b...


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Utilities Terragen2Sandbox

I created this very small tool which using you can easily convert terragen terrains to format that sandbox can read (.raw and .pgm).


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Utilities PingGuard

This tool will automatically kick anyone with a ping above a customizable limit.


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Utilities CryConf BETA 2

The CryConf Custom Config Utility is a tool which uses a graphical interface to help you create and edit configuration files for Crysis


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Utilities Cuban Ultima Doom Sword [CCC] v1.3

VIEW Description HERE:


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Utilities Cuban-Ultima-Doom-Sword [CCC] v1.31

Description here:


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Utilities XConfig Release v1.3

This config improves the beauty and eyecandy of Crysis, while maintaining and improving the framerate a lot.


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Utilities HardwareOC Crysis Benchmark v1.2

A new version of HardwareOC Crysis Benchmark has been released, allowing you to test your video card and CPU with this popular first person...


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Utilities ModClean v1.7

To make things easier for distribution and sorting of the files, another tool for the community has been released in the form of ModClean by...


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Utilities CrysisCC Administration System v0.20

When the latest version of CrysisCC Server is installed on your game server, it enables the server administrator to use the In Game Administ...


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Utilities Grenade Return System

The system is a flowgraph that requires no modifications upon importing into your map, allowing for ease of use for even the most inexperien...


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Utilities HardwareOC Crysis Benchmark v1.3

A new version of HardwareOC Crysis Benchmark has been released.


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Utilities Crysis original CvarGroups

Might come handy, when you want to restore your Cvargroups folder


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