Alien War Demo Map



As reported in this news post, we have a new map for your gaming enjoyment as created by ringking4; Although this download will just wet your whistle, you do still have to wait for the full, completed version.

The Alien War Demo Map is just that, a demo of the map, as the developer still has some more content to add to it; The setting of this download is on an island somewhere in the Pacific around the year 2012, You take on the role as Nomad, the invasion has just begun and you are backed up with helicopters, tanks and jets. Your main target here is a super hunter and it is a beast. If you're ready to ride the wave of resistance to glory, then lock-n-load...it's time fight!

Refer to the readme for more information.




hey this is my alien war map still not complete...still got to add more.
this is only a demo map.
this must be played in the crysis sandbox editor

if you got a question email me at linkinpark1993[AT]gmail.com
and thx for downloading my map.
to get all of the effect just load the flow graphs and hit CTRL-G and play.

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