Busa Island 1 and 2



We have a treat for you....this is a 2 for 1 deal only open to interested Crysis fans! This download will give you not one...but two Single Player maps for you to enjoy; This sort of thing only comes aound, what, once in a lifetime?? OK...maybe I'm getting a little carried away here, let's say...once in a download. (More realistic, eh?) ;)

Here is what you will get:

  • Busa Island

Work your way through the map eliminating any hostile forces you meet.. Ammo can be found at the start of the mission, and along the pathway; Proceed to the end huts, when all of the baddies are eliminated, continue down the path to go to next mission...

  • Busa Island 2

Go to the first hut to load up on ammo...beware of the sniper that is lurking somewheres (<--- he may 'wave' at you. (hint)) You will need to take him out to acquire his sniper rifle. Investigate his location. Once this is done, fight your way to the speedboat at the other side of the village, there were rumors of the handheld minigun somewhere in the village, after acquiring the speedboat proceed down the waterway to the hut...surprises await you, if you can make it this far.




This file contains 2 singleplayer maps for the CRYSIS game.

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