Crysis / Crysis Wars Web Admin



Project Rise) have recently released this utility, originally intended for use in Rise, deeming it to be a valuable asset to the community. To summarise it, it lets you "manage all server settings from a simple, fully customisable web site". Here's the full list of features:

Features:Multi-admin high secure web interface (IP range restriction, HTTPS, Sandboxing)Individual admin privilegesWorks for Crysis and Crysis WarsServer anti crash and scheduled auto restartDoes not require any modifications to server files (apart from autoexec.cfg)Fast template engine for customizable HTML pagesAutomatic updatesRuns on Windows and LinuxWith the web interface you can:Kick and ban players (bans can be given a note/reason which is logged)Set game/server settingsManage level rotationUpload new maps/map packs (ZIP & RAR) from you local machine or an URL (HTTP & FTP)Use the chat and view the consoleRestart the serverManage web administrators and much more.

Instructions on installing this tool are provided in the download. If you need help or wish to share some thoughts on this asset, a small forum has been set up here. Also available is a demo implementation of the utility, located here (the username and password are both "test").


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