Crysis - Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.88

EIM_CO_3088_Beta.exe —


Description :

- The extreme quality mod is a originally a simple tweak graphic that implented several dynamics Shader system (eg Deph Of Field, Radial Blur Filter) - The EQM v3 introduces many systems in more than in version 2, they are all dynamic in relation to the player's actions. - The new version puts introduce systems that allow players to enjoy more of the CryEngine 2 graphics engine, and also added shares of gameplay such as running on walls or even the slow motion. - The EQM v3 also introduces a new complex system of hitbox that allows to generate effects depending on part of the player's body that are hit (eg headshot = loss of vision of the player). - The all system are connected among themselves, which allows, as in the hitbox system, changes in real time the systems such as speed, use of system agility or even the use of slow motion. - All systems included in the extreme quality mod are described so below.

Graphique Tweaks:

- Color Correction Color correction, allows a better visual rendering. - Contrast Correction Correction of contrast from the Time Of Day, allow correct the problem of the preceding version. - Cvars Config Change of command consoles need for extreme quality mod.


- Dynamique Deph Of Field Depth of field entirely dynamic, allow add a visual effect that significantly enhances the rendering effect and the 3D effect on screen.It can also make a antialiazing. - Dynamique Speed Effect Using the filter radialblur, linked to the speed of the player. - Dynamique Camera Noize Dynamic movement of the camera, directly linked the heartbeat system and the speed of the player. - Dynamique Free Aim This system allows for movement delay between the weapon and the camera of player. - Dynamique Directional Blur Increases the effect of motion blur by several other parameter of the player.

Stats System

- Heartbeat Dynamics of the heartbeat of the player, according to these actions as the use of system agility or even the race time of the player. Indicator of elevated heartbeat too (audio and text). Warning , a pulse too elevated for more than 7 second can kill you. -HitBox The hitbox implented all parts of the body of the player in several of PV system. Example if you are hit on the legs, you can not use the system on Wall run or jump the wall. Head: Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 421 s Damage Multiplier : x10 Stats Change : - Less 20% : Mouse Accellerat Torso: Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 400 s Damage Multiplier : x5 Stats Change : - Less 20% : increase Heartbeat ARM Right and Left: Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 250 s Damage Multiplier : x4 Stats Change : - Less 20% : increase Mouse Accellerat - Less 20% : increase the trouble of accuracy - Less 20% : increase the Bobbing - Less 20% : Desactivate the Fist Jump Leg Right and Left: Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 250 s Damage Multiplier : x4 Stats Change : - Less 20% : Desactivate the Wall Run and Wall Jump Foot Right and Left: Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 190 s Damage Multiplier : x1 Stats Change : - Less 20% : Desactivate the Wall climb

Agility System

- Dynamique Player Speed-upSystem that allows progresive increase the race speed of the player. - Dynamique Jump - Wall Run Allows you to run up walls. - Wall Jump Allows you to jump using a wall, for example at the end of the race of the wall of the player. - Wall Climb Allows climbing on a wall. - Fists Jump Lets you push to you a wall using your hands.


- Slow Motion You can slow down time for a while.


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