Crysis Jungle Warfare



...And now for something completely different from the norm, complements of the imagination belonging to Kiikunkaakun!

Crysis Jungle Warfare (Demo) is, as mentioned, something different from what you're used to in the Crysis gaming world...instead of graphically accurate North Koreans, you'll be doing battle with stick men donned in some weird camo. :) This map is based on Crysis, but it is a whole new 3D FPS game, and this version is the Demo version...with more to come. The only weapon you can have is SCAR, but that should be more then enough to get the upper hand against stick men, right? As you would expect, the atmosphere of Crysis Jungle Warfare (Demo) is that of a jungle, with no shortage of rocks plants and trees...and action!

Refer to the readme for more information.



how to get this to work:

1. Install gamemaker lite.

2. Install gamemaker pro.

3. launch Crysis Jungle Warfare.

4. Have fun!

Game maker is not made by me, Crysis is not made by me, crysis jungle warfare IS made by me...


6 years ago

I love this file.