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For those of you that have installed, and have been using the old Crysis Launcher v0.8 developed by Clivey, can rejoice in the fact that, like anything that gets created invaribly gets improved on! Introducing the next logical step: Crytools Launcher! This asset has now been completely re-coded from scratch, it has some new features like cry backup, multi Cry select, customizable GUI etc. As this is a complete redesign, Clivey has moved the version number from 0.8 (which some of you currently have) to v1.0 and is now called CryTools. I would suggest looking at the video of How to use, just so you understand how the GUI and the backup works.


Some of the features include:

  • Small compact design
  • Fully Customizable GUI to suit your own needs and style
  • Detects Multiple Cry Files and allows user to select which one to use
  • Backups up Cry files before loading Sandbox for full resiliance or your assets.
  • Compatible with Patch 1.1/SDK/1.2 and Loads levels from Mods
  • Modular in design, so additional plugins will be released in the coming weeks.

This file requires .Net 2 Framework installed

Refer to the readme for more information.



Crytools is a replacement for my old Crysis Launcher. It has been recoded from scratch to become a toolkit for CE2, via add-ons as well as a launcher.

Currently the core is just the launcher, which backs up your files as you work.

You must have at least .Net 2 Framework installed Microsoft .Net2.0 Framework

Its only active as a launcher at the moment, as it was out with some beta testers but I got little feedback as they were focusing on their own things, so consider this very much an Alpha version. As such, I have disabled some elements like Mapping, Modding and benchmark tools to gather feedback and ensure I debug error before releasing the add-on modules.

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