Cyberpunk Noir City Environment

cyberpunk.zip —


new; an industrial, cyberpunk styled city. Nearly all the assets were custom modeled, with the exception of the vegetation and few environmental objects

This environment was created for my final year university project. The aim was to "capture the atmosphere" of the cyberpunk genre. I also researched film noir lighting and have tried to add a little of that to my environment. I have modelled and textured most of the objects in the level, apart from the obvious Crysis assets such as the trees, bottles, plates, bin bags, dumpsters, people etc.-jjjapan

The first thing that you will notice are the lighting effects. The lighting was based on the concept of film noir, and has been adapted well to CryEngine 2The environment was a work in progress for an upcoming mod based in a Cyberpunk city, but the mod was put on an indefinite hold, and this map was released as a preview. It isn't 100% complete, but jjjapan has moved onto a bigger projectIt's a beautiful piece of work still, and a major accomplishment for CryEngine 2. I can only see these type of environments improving with the upcoming release of Crysis 2 and CryEngine 3(the .cry file is included for Sandbox editing)-Aykan


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