El Alamein Day 1 and Day 2

This map was released as part of the Intel Mapping contest. It is a remake of the famous ww2 battle El Alamein. This map takes after the pop...


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This map was released as part of the Intel Mapping contest. It is a remake of the famous ww2 battle El Alamein. This map takes after the popular battlefield 2 El Alamein map and also picks up its gameplay aspects in some send. The game play starts to take after the battlefield series with its open desert environments. The only downsides to this map are that their this thick dust cause low visibility. How ever the low visibility keeps it from becoming a sniperfest. Make sure you adapt to your enemies tank numbers otherwise it can become one sided. The map is pretty graphics intense so lower end systems most likely cant run it that well. Overall its worth taking a look at if you like open maps.

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Download 'el_alamein_d1_d2.zip' (46.84MB)

Changelog V 1.1:

    * Main base defensives are improved heavily for both sides (Those are now very deadly with my "Anti-baserape" fix.)
    * Reduced Volumetric Fog about 25% for better visibility and overall map look
    * Added slight but visually nice version of Sandstorm
    * Removed both US main base TAC tanks and replaced them with amphibious APC`s
    * Improved a lot NK Research custom respawn (better cover, less spawncamping and much better look)
    * NK side has now also 2nd respawning helicopter
    * Added some new ParticleEffects and sounds
    * Added more spectator points
    * Corrected certain clouds to make them look less annoying and few new clouds
    * Replaced E4 Warfactory with small capturable Airfactory with very nice mountain environment
    * Added several desert-style roads all over map
    * Improved terrain textures and vegetation
    * ItĀ“s now more easier finish map with TAC tanks for both sides, added few special paths to both main bases
    * More places to hide for both infantry/land vehicles and even for heli/vtol! No more too wide open terrain.
    * E5 has now instead of that crappy ammo storage capturable custom cafeteria with brokeable glasses (Works also on Dx9 servers.)
    * Neutralized all cars around bunkers
    * Added custom respawn also for US team between F/G5

Features El Alamein - Day 2:

    * This version is exactly the same than Day 1 + Following add-ons:
    * Tornadoes with sound and partially working physics even on Dx9 servers (You can fly with them etc.)
    * Semi-random periodic real artillery over the main areas of map.

Installation guide:

   1. Go to the ..\Game\Levels\Multiplayer\PS folder.
   2. Eventually backup existing levels with the same name.
   3. Place the custom map into this folder.
   4. Start Crysis
   5. You can create a lan or internet server, put the level into the rotation and play.

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