Showing up for his debut appearance on CrysisFiles, VistaKiller is here to wow you with his release of this Single Player crea...


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Showing up for his debut appearance on CrysisFiles, VistaKiller is here to wow you with his release of this Single Player creation!

EnemieAttack is just what you need to download if you have a hankerin' to stroll about a huge roomy map that comes complete with a large number of baddies to take your frustrations out on! This is not a map that you will want to be running around in calling attention to yourself...the run-n-gun method will not serve you here! It will be to your benefit to keep a handle on where the nearest available cover is at all times, you never know when you may have to slip away and wait till the dust settles. EnemieAttack has a little something for everyone, from the helicopter to the enemies that come with their own special Nano Suits.

Some of the features included are:

  • An Airport
  • Loadingscreen
  • Minimap
  • Beaches
  • Islands
  • Palm trees

The challenges found in this map are numerous, and one of these challenges include the exceptionally high number of snipers that will be gunning for you...cover and concealment are your friends! The ToD gives this map a nice feeling and puts your mind in the environment as well as your imagination.

If you have an earlier version of this map, then here are the changes:

  • Add Mission
  • BugFixes
  • Changed Enemie positions
  • Better AI of all NanoSuite Special Enemies
  • Better AI of all Sniper

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'enemie_attack_v.2.0.rar' (55.08MB)

You can start this map with the Crylauncher, too. But don't cheat! Cheating is not fair and much to easy

Entpacke den Ordner "EnemieAttack" in deinem Crysis Levels Ordner (Standart Pfad: .....CrytekCrysisGameLevels).
Starte das Spiel über den im Archiv enthaltenen "Crylauncher", da das viel einfacher ist als über die Konsole ;)

Die Console im Hauptmenü von Crysis mit ^ (über der Tabulatortaste) öffnen.
"con_restricted 0" ohne (" ") eingeben  und mit enter bestätigen .
Danach "map EnemieAttack" eingeben wieder ohne (" ") und Enter drücken, nun sollte die Map geladen werden.

!!!!!VIEL SPASS!!!!!

Unzip the folder "EnemieAttack" in your Crysis levels folder (default location: .....  Crytek  Crysis  Game  Levels).
Start the game on in the archives contained "Crylauncher" because it is lot easier than do it with the console;)

Open the console in the main menu of Crysis with ^ (above the Tab key).
"con_restricted 0" without ( "") enter and confirm enter.
Then "map EnemieAttack " re-enter without (" ") and press Enter, now the map should be loaded.

!!!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!

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