Episode 1: Decline of a General



First of all, I would like to say congratulations to Alabama619 for creating his first map. This is pretty advanced for a first map, but thats not saying there isn't work to be done ;).

'Episode 1: Decline of a General' (or 'Episode 1' for short) is a short single player map about a Korean General that is planning to launch a missile. Your objective is to take out the General.

Alabama619 did a great job putting the map together, and even managed to script cutscenes, captioned dialog, and a 3D map overview. Overall, its a fun little map to play if you want to get away from the main campaign. The only main thing that bugged me was that you start off with enough ammo to shred an entire army of Koreans, and still have enough for World War 3. While I am exaggerating, perhaps for your next map you can lower the starting ammo. That way you can place strategic points across the map that have ammo dumps, or something along those lines. Other than that, great job, and I hope to see more from you!




Well here it is. After 3 BETA's and hours of work, its finally ready. Any major bugs or anything that doesnt seem right, let me know and I will release fix's.

A Korean general is planning a missile launch. You must sabotage the launch procedure and eliminate this general.


    - Original ideas
    - Clever AI
    - Minimap
    - Custom TOD settings
    - Complex events and flowgraphs
    - Cutscenes
    - Mission briefing
    -Optional config

Installation guide:

  1. Run the installer inside the RAR file
  2. Run the game
  3. Open the console, and type "con_restricted 0" (without quotations), and then type "map Episode1" (again, without quotations)

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