Lost Island II

We have a great map to quench your thirst for Crysis action! Cry Productions brings you a sweet Single-Player map that is very detai...


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We have a great map to quench your thirst for Crysis action! Cry Productions brings you a sweet Single-Player map that is very detailed, but be careful, if you spend too much time admiring the terrain, you'll end up filled with lead, and if that happens, completing the objective becomes even harder! ;) Lost Island II comes complete with lots of elbow room so you will have no problem moving about in the foliage, making use of all the available structures, objects, etc for cover;

Getting bored playing this level is not a concern, as there is plenty to do...if you have time, move around and explore every part of Lost Island II, of coarse, keep an eye open for the baddies that are all over, and make no mistake, there are a lot of them! Don't get too excited, as this is only a demo version of the actual map being worked on, but it is something that needs to be played if you want to get a glimpse of the project that is being worked on!

Some of the features include:

  • Demo of Part1
  • Single Player
  • Detailed desert environment
  • Mission, to influence a NK airfield
  • Lots of NK to shoot
  • Big Island

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'crysissingleplayerlostislandiidemopart1.zip' (28.15MB)


Herzlich willkommen zur Demoversion von

Lost Island -part1- (deutsch)

Wir hoffen euch mit dieser Demo schon einmal einen kleinen Einblick in unser
Projekt Lost Island 2 geben zu können.
Viel Spaß dabei.

Zum starten der Map:

Einfach die Ordnerstruktur aus der lostisland2.rar in das
Crysisverzeichnis entpacken.
Es sollte dann folgenden Ordner geben:
!Diese Ordnerstruktur MUSS beibehalten werden, da sonst die Sounds,Missionsziele u.A. nicht funktioniert!

Außerdem ist der Patch 1.2 zwingend erforderlich!(Missionziele funktionieren sonst nicht)

dann crysis mit folgendem Kommando starten: crysis.exe -map lostislandii

oder im Spiel selbst "map lostislandii" in die Console eintippen

Aufgetrete Fehler bitte per PM (nicht in die Threads) über CryMod.com oder Crysis-HQ.de
an uns melden.
(alternativ auch an [email protected] oder [email protected])

Viel Spaß beim Testen wünscht:

Cry Productions

An Lost Island II -part1- beteiligt:

Leader:			The MegaMaster
Map Design:		OwNaGe
FlowGraphs/Sequences:	jupph
Story: 			SaltWater
Music: 			Maci1702 / Michael Giacchino
Sprecher:		Martin Sabel / Jupp Hoffmann


We hope you with this demo already once a small view of our project draw to Iceland 2 to give to be able. Much fun thereby.

To start the map: Simply the file structure from the lostisland2.rar into that Crysisverzeichnis unpack. There should be then the following file: Crysis  Game  levels  LostIslandII ! This file structure MUST be maintained, there otherwise the sounds, mission goals among other things not functioned!

In addition the Patch 1,2 is compellingly necessary! (Mission goals do not function otherwise) then crysis with the following command start: crysis.exe - map lostislandii or in the play " map lostislandii" type into the CONSOLE

Aufgetrete errors please by PM (not into the Threads) over CryMod.com or Crysis HQ.de at us announce. (or [email protected]  alternatively also on)

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