For those of you that can never get enough of the Single Player action, get ready to have your thirst quenched! McKool makes his CrysisF...


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For those of you that can never get enough of the Single Player action, get ready to have your thirst quenched! McKool makes his CrysisFiles debut with this excellent map that will have you battling it out for your very survival!

McKoolIsland (v1.0.8) is a mission where Nomad is being sent to a previously uninhabited remote tropical Island to investigate unusually high KPA activity...sounds simple enough, eh? If you are under the impression that this will be a walk in the park, then you had better go get Fido and his leash, and head out to a much safer park! Once inside this map, you will find that some modes of gameplay are better then others depending on what you're up against, for me, it's all about the the takes a bit longer to finish a map, but it is a lot more fun and you're survival rate goes is the case when playing McKoolIsland (v1.0.8).

The features of this map include:

  • Custom Objectives
  • Custom voiceovers
  • Plenty of action scattered about a large Island
  • Multiple Paths to each objective for replay value

The detail in this map is astonishing, you may find yourself staring into some serene backdrop wondering why it hasn't been put on a Hallmark Card, however, having to many of these moments will put you at risk...This is not a map that you play once and forget about, McKool has designed it so that there are multiple ways to get to each objective, so the re-playability is high, as is the Drool-factor! If you're looking for a good time gaming, you've found it!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'mckoolisland.rar' (46.05MB)

This is my SinglePlayer map. I hope it is fun and challenging without being frustrating!

For feedback email me at: mckool[AT]

known bugs:

    * None that I have found so far! AI gets a bit wonky at times though.

Installation guide:

   1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game -> Levels.
   2. Eventually backup existing levels with the same name.
   3. Copy the level folder from the downloaded file into the current game folder (Game/Levels).
   4. Start Crysis


Level Design - McKool
Voice for Commander Freeman - McKool
I am using a heavily modified version of the Dense Jungle Vegetation uploaded by asge9771 (I changed all of the density settings and removed a few objects from the prefab to conserve memory.)
   5. Open console and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "") to allow access to console commands
   6. Load your custom map by typing in "map mapname" (Without "") and press Enter.

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