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If you're hungry for some Crysis multiplayer action, and you don't want to wait for any of the WIP mods to be released, then you are in luck, as we now have for your gaming enjoyment, a brand new mod that will bring you a new gamemode. This mod will give you basically a mini-mod for Crysis with a lot of Custom game mode script as well as some custom Huds and a new map (Plantation Evolved) and finally new server variables. "During development of our custom game modes one of our Programmers ended up creating a custom game mode that utilizes a lot of base code from Crysis." How cool is that?!

MechWarrior: Living Legends is proud to present Crysis Team Action. Started as a small spin-off project to MWLL, the programming team under the lead of Mach10 created a game mode specifically for Crysis multiplayer. Team Action is essentially instant action except you are part of either the US or Korean Team. Your kills are counted towards a total kill count for the team and once a team reaches a certain amount the match is over.

Some features of this release include:

  • A customized HUD that will display the team's current kill count plus the total kills required for a win.
  • Scoreboards edited to reflect the new game rules.
  • The ability to set and customize penalties for suicides and teamkills, which can be edited via simple console commands.
  • All current InstantAction maps supported under Team Action, including a tweaked version of Plantation.
  • Will run on both the 32 bit and 64 bit Crysis versions.

This download will provide you with the Server Files; For the Client Files, click here, made available in installer format, for ease of installation into your game. MechWarrior: Living Legends currently has one server running this mod, but they would love to see others use their server files as well!

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (184.23MB)

MechLivingLegends: Team Action
version 0.0.1

Client Install:

Run MWLL TeamAction installer. Note, client installs can not create a 
local, LAN or dedicated server. To play the mod, use the provided
shortcut created on your desktop. Do not use the in-game mod

Server Install:

Uncompress to Crysis\mods folder. A sample server configuration file 
and maplist have been provided for you.

To start the server manually use the following command line:
CrysisDedicatedServer.exe -mod teamaction

Console Commands of Interest:

sv_gamerules teaminstantaction <- Changes server rules to Team Action
g_suicide_penalty <- Sets the team score penalty when a player suicides
g_tk_penalty <- Sets the team score penalty for team killing
g_fraglimit <- Sets match team score required to win
g_fraglead <- Sets the team score lead points required to win. 
Example 2 would require a team to win by 2 points. 

-MechLivingLegends Mod Team

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