Pacifica 2



If you enjoyed part one to this map, then you'll be happy to know that Edolsian has provided the continuation and it is available for your immediate gaming enjoyment! If you didn't get a chance to try your luck at Pacifica (v1.0.0), then download it as well and enjoy!

Pacifica 2 begins where the previous release ended, and the gaming action remains just as intense as it was when it all started. As with before, you'll definitely want to have your favorite firearm with you on this one, and get ready for an intense Cyrsis engagement! I always employ the gorilla-style warfare when I play...it's just more fun that way, and you get more gaming bang for your buck!

Some of the features of this map include:

  • Custom missions.
  • Custom TOD.
  • GeoControl created heightmap.
  • Highly detailed world to explore.
  • Animations, cutscenes
  • About an hours worth of play, depending on your style.

If you recall, your first mission centered around locating the archeologists, now that that has been completed, you can now concentrate on the next mission...in Pacifica 2, it's all about saving your skin against all of the odds! The KPA is now on the offensive, and they are searching feverishly for the commando responsible...you. They are out for blood, if you want to survive, you'll have to use your wits.

Refer to the readme for more information.




   1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game -> Levels.
   2. Back up any existing levels with the same name.
   3. Copy the level folder from the downloaded archive into the current Level folder (CrysisGameLevels).
   4. Start Crysis
   5. Open console (with the ~ key) .and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "") to allow access to console commands
   6. Load your custom map by typing in the console "map mapname" (Without "") and press Enter.

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