Rescue Mission



If you're like me, you live for the Single Player aspect of games, (and if you had the misfortune of playing with or against me in the Nomad server, then you know why :) ) so I'm always looking for SP maps and mods to enhanse my game...so you can imagine how excited and happy I was when this next developer e-mailed me to inform me of his newest release: Rescue Mission!

McKool has created and released the first map in a campaign that will stretch over future maps...it's almost as if this was made to order! In Rescue Mission, Nomad is sent on a mission to determine why the KPA have setup bases on several remote islands. His transport is shot down and he must track down any of the survivors. Along the way, he sees some mysterious activity which requires additional investigation.

The features of this map include:

  • Light-sensitive AI
  • Nice atmosphere and interesting plot
  • Multiple cut-scenes with custom dialog
  • Custom voice-overs
  • Custom Objectives
  • Custom Characters (He is currently using several variations of Nerv3’s custom soldier as well as a slight modification of a standard Crysis model)
  • At least one Environmental trap and puzzle

While the opening might sound like Old Hat, this level is anything but predictable. The mysterious activity is not the usual "Aliens on the island" theme that has been done many times before, but rather something else entirely. This map is a must-have for your collection, get it now while supplies last!

Refer to the readme for more information.



Installation guide:

   1. Go to your Crysis game folder -> Electronic Arts -> Crytek -> Crysis -> Game -> Levels.
   2. Eventually backup existing levels with the same name.
   3. Copy the level folder from the downloaded file into the current game folder (Game/Levels).
   4. Start Crysis
   5. Open console and type in "con_restricted 0" (without "") to allow access to console commands
   6. Load your custom map by typing in "map mapname" (Without "") and press Enter.

Credits: Level Design - McKool
Commander Freeman - McKool
Dr. Shepherd - Anga wen (My lovely Wife)
Creepy little girl - RayRay (My adorable daughter)

Beta Testers:
My nephew and brother who do not have screen names!

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