The Mixing Bowl



If you're looking for a sweet Single Player map that allows you plenty of elbow room, then get ready to click that download link! Ravanger has developed a map that fits the bill, and all that you will need to do to prepare for this adventure is to pack some H2O and grab some clean socks!

The Mixing Bowl offers you some Single Player action with this level taking place in the desert with plenty of AI and room to move, which is great for those of you that need a break from the typical 'island' trend. Natural cover is what you would expect in the desert...which is pretty much nothing, but, there are some structures and objects that will do just nicely. Your mission, if you except it, is to infiltrate a North Korean airfield and do what enemies of the state do best...wreak havok!

Some features of this map include:

  • Detailed desert environment
  • Mission to complete
  • Lots of NK to shoot

If you think you have what it takes to see this level to it's conclusion, and claim bragging rights, then step up, and put your skilz where your mouth is :)

Refer to the readme for developer's notes.



Single Player level in the desert with plenty of Ai and room to move.

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