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If you enjoyed his earlier maps, and I just know you did, (or I would have to check you for a pulse) then you are going to absolutely love t...


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If you enjoyed his earlier maps, and I just know you did, (or I would have to check you for a pulse) then you are going to absolutely love this one! skm has returned to us to make available his third work of art!

The Resort takes place in a large mountainous area, where a research facility has been captured by the North Koreans. Your mission is to reconquer the American research facility and to guarantee that the Aggressor Troops obtain as little to no information as possible about it. However, the conclusion of this mission may not be what you expect...

Some of the features of this map include:

  • Very detailed and realistic environment
  • 4km² free accesible mountain area
  • ~ 2 hours playtime
  • Story with 13 Mission objectives
  • ~ 11500 objects (no Vegetation, just Decals, Brushes, Clouds, Particle effects....)
  • Various sceneries:
    • A big lake with two islands
    • Rivers
    • Big waterfalls
    • Rampant rock ways
    • Forests
    • Cave system
    • Village
    • Mountain peaks
  • Physical enigmas (They´re optional, you have to find and solve them to get more powerful weapons)
  • Epic Story with ~ 20min cutscenes and Script sequences
  • Various gameplay with ~ 270 enemies and tactical fights
  • Fights at day - and nighttime
  • Many other detailed things and places to explorer

You´ll travel through very beautiful and various types landscape with lots of detail as you journey through The Resort ...there will also be an opportunity to do some exploring, and yes, there will be a lot of ']i[things[/i]' to investigate. By following the story you´ll decide how difficult the fights are. You can solve little physical problems and get more powerful weapons...or not, and you must look how the best way to survive is. If you think you have what it takes to complete this mission, then your first objective is to locate and put to use, the download link!

skm has also released a video flythrough, so you can see what to expect:

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download 'resortstory.rar' (132.43MB)

The Resort - Storyversion - README

Copy the complete TheResort Folder into the Levelfolder of Crysis:
Default: X:ProgramsElectronic ArtsCrytekCrysisGameLevels
X is the Number of your harddrive.
Then start Cryis as always and open the console in the main menu with ^ (with American tastatur layout, the key over the Tab-Button).
Insert con_restricted 0 and map TheResort (confirm both with Enter)
You can close the console with ^.

Feedback, Questions, Suggestions or Problems please call in the Threads of the Map
Crymod   :
or at


If you want to upload the map somewhere else, please write me an e-mail. thank you

Blue Subtitles: The Player, called Steve Parker, is speaking
Green Subtitles: Alan Rode, a computer expert, is speaking
Red Subtitles: The Commander is speaking
White Subtitles: Rob Bently, a friendly Soldier, is speaking

Map, Design and Creation by skm
Story and Dialogues by B. Schillinger
Betatesters: - jodob
             - Mellow
             - alex9.3
             - Link93
             - SWZOCKER
Thanks to the Exodus Mod Team for the Pine trees:
Special thanks to jodob for the good advice
ToD´s based on ToD created by UltimaRage
Thanks to Hamers and Pat21 for helping with technical problems
Thanks to Crytek creating Crysis

Thx for playing. Hope you liked it.

The music, which i used in the map is free available on

I used some tracks from the themes of Bioshock, GRAW2, Empire Earth 2, Stalker, Witcher, Tomb Raider - Legend, Heroes of Might and Magic, 
Hitman, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell - Double Agent, Gothic 2, Gothic 3 and Ghost Recon


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