Trauma - A Crysis Machinima

It would seem that even before I had some free time to browse, it appears that tho...


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It would seem that even before I had some free time to browse[/file], it appears that those hard working boys over at [url=""]Gaming Today have already made the interwebz rounds; Originally housed at the inCrysis Forums, and developed by one of their forumites, this is a great testament to a great game!

Here's what 2 Bad stated in his opening post:

This is my first post, but not my first attempt at machinima.

However, this one I wanted to share with the rest of you. I think it is one of the first Crysis machinima films, is it?

But calling it "film" would be much. It's not really a film but more of a montage with meaning. Since Sandbox2 is a pain in dealing with characters, after three hours into it I dropped it all. However I pushed on going with my newest machinima attempt and finished it.

The thing I'm proud of is the audio. It does NOT use game assets. It is all "hand made", as you put it. From my personal archives and the net, I gathered bits and pieces and tried to make a whole.

As stated by the Gaming Today author, If you enjoyed this film short as much as I did, please drop a comment either here or the originating thread over at inCrysis Forums (you’ll need to register to comment there). The artists that come up with these videos do so on account of their own free time. Any amount of encouragement or useful feedback ensures we’ll see more of this creativity along the way.

For your convenience, the video has been embedded into this page, however, I would strongly suggest that you download it and view it as it is meant to be, the quality of the download is much much better then the provided video. If you do decide to go with the HD download version, you will need to have DivX6 installed.


Sources Gaming Today article Original thread at inCrysis

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